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The ruins of the synagogue “Golden Rose”

In 1582, in the courtyard of the private ownership of the Jewish community leader Isaac ben Nachman was laid synagogue “Touray Zaga.” Initially, it was a family prayer house, built by the Italian architect Paolo Dominitz. But why the synagogue called “Golden Rose”, and not the official name “Touray Zaga”? Urban legends associated with this beautiful story.

At the end of the XVI century the Jesuits wanted to build a monastery on the site of the synagogue, so there was a property dispute. In this case intervened beautiful woman named Rosa, wife Nachman Nakhmanovich – one of the members of the Jewish community. She was ready to give up all their possessions for the redemption of the temple, but in addition to the bishop designated amount required to stay in his house. According to legend Rose said: “… I lose honor, faith, the people …” and agreed to such a “deal”. The next morning she was found dead. Since then, Rose called a martyr for the faith, and synagogue – “Golden Rose”.

Unfortunately, this unique monument of architecture could not survive the German occupation in August 1941 it was blown up. Until descendants survived only the ruins of which are imprinted on the pictures, photographs and tried to create a three-dimensional image. Synagogue “Golden Rose” declared a UNESCO heritage site and is included in the program of revival of the unique historical and cultural sites.

Street Gorodotskaya

Gorodotskaya Street – the longest street in the city of Lviv. Its length – more than seven kilometers. In the past, street consisted of three parts, which later merged into one of the most important thoroughfares. On the street are old buildings, each of which has its own history.

In the past, street Gorodotskaya consisted of three parts, and it has become a single entity only in 1964. The oldest part of the street, cut from the Market Square to the street Taras Shevchenko in the old days was called “street of St. Anne.” Street so called because it stands on the church “St. Anne”, which is currently completely rebuilt. The church was erected in memory of those killed during the uprising apprentice tailors in town.

Streets are lined with buildings in various architectural styles – classicism constructivism, modernism, and others. Here are the most interesting from the point of view of the history of the building, “Trade House”, built in 1913, several old industrial sites, State Circus, schools and many other buildings that were previously used as theaters, photo studios, churches and prisons.

In 1879, the street Gorodotska let the first horse tram, and about thirty years down the street was the first electric tram.

Lviv Bus

Lviv Bus Station was built between 1976 and 1980 by the engineer and architects Boykiva Sagaydakovskogo and carpenter. Comfortable accommodation on the southern outskirts of the city provides exit towards the Carpathians, through the ring road are flights to other destinations. The bus station is designed for the administration of 800 passengers per hour, buses depart at regional, inter-regional and international flights.

The structure of the station is a shamrock, forming three zones: a zone of arrival, departure area and the area in front of bus station. Side of the building, which faces the street Striysky, notable visor assembly to support its reinforced concrete bracing. The building bus are lockers, lounge, cafe and hotel.

Lviv kopalnya

Kopalnya Lviv (Lvov coffee or mine) is located in Ukraine in Lviv. This is an unusual, interesting coffee shop – a shop, located in the historic Palace of the Lubomirski. Upstairs in the Lviv Kopalne roasted coffee beans and prepare them for more than 30 kinds of coffee drinks: “Bandera”, “The residents of Donbass”, “Evening,” “Morning”, “Franz Joseph” and many others.

To get to the Lviv kopalnyu, you should immediately go down the shop, will be a pointer “Kopalnya.” The walls are sometimes covered with a layer of coffee beans, as if it really underground pools where coffee – instead of coal or ore. On the ground floor is located in Lviv Kopalni shop, it sells grain and ground coffee.