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But speaking of matrimony, the word impediment refers to all obstacles, whether arising from natural or Divine law.

Another interesting fact is that whereas the word impediment has thus acquired a precise technical meaning in canon law, the cognate words impedire , impediens , impeditus , have preserved their wide grammatical signification and may be applied to other matters; so writers speak of those unable to go personally to Rome to be absolved from censures as impediti adire Romam , and the Constitution "Apost.

(3) Mixed Marriage Whereas the marriage of a baptized person with an infidel is null and void, the marriage of a Catholic with a baptized non-Catholic is the object of a prohibitory impediment, mixed religion ( mixta religio ); it is therefore a relative impediment.

For the dispensation in case of mixed marriages and the conditions attached to it see MIXED MARRIAGES.

The Latin word impedimentum signifies directly whatever embarrasses or hinders a person, whatever is an obstacle to his movements, and in this sense the baggage of an army was called impedimenta .

Marriage is juridically a contract, and a Christian marriage does not cease to be a contract because it is a sacrament.But these ancient canonical texts do not give a complete list of impediments, much less a general theory concerning them.It is only at the end of the twelfth century that we find, for the first time, the use of the word "impediment" in its technical sense, together with a catalogue of matrimonial impediments.(4) Vetitum Ecclesiœ A prohibition, in the form of a precept, imposed by ecclesiastical authority on a particular individual, would also be a personal impediment if it had a general character ; it affects only the capacity of an individual.This precept is imposed to delay a marriage until a given condition has been fulfilled, for instance, till the removal of the obstacle to a marriage arising from a preceding betrothal to another person.Canon law uses the word impediment in its restricted and technical sense, only in reference to marriage, while impediments to Holy orders are spoken of as irregularities (q.v.).We may remark, however, that several real impediments or obstacles to the reception of Holy orders are not called irregularities: thus, women and unbaptized persons, who are by Divine law incapable of being ordained, are not termed irregular.In his "Decree", Gratian neither speaks definitely, nor does he give a satisfactory list; nor does Peter Lombard in his "Sentences".About 1190 Bernard of Pavia uses freely the expression, which became classical, "impedit contrahendum et dirimit contractus", and further he enumerated the impediments: "sunt autem quæ matrimonium impediunt xiv", but his list is not definitive; the technical names of each impediment remain for some time longer unsettled.However the doctrine of the School soon becomes fixed and with it the terminology.The distinction between diriment and prohibitory impediments is sharply marked, and a more or less successful attempt is made to classify the diriment impediments.

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