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(Inquiring minds can see the ads on You Tube.) Outrage roiled from the conservative American Family Association and the Catholic League to women heading rape crisis centers, as critics ventured that maybe this pedophilia marketing strategy was a bit too debased, even for American advertising.“Can you unbutton the top button of those jeans and push them down? I can tell.” Speaking for much of the nation, one reporter observed that these commercials looked like “runaway kids coaxed from bus stations by exploitative adults.” When right-wing conservative religious groups and liberal feminists find themselves spooning in ideological bed together, chances are that it is about one thing: sex.” instructs the unseen horny male pervert behind the camera. And that was the case when Calvin Klein—who in 1980 gave us 15-year-old Brooke Shields purring, “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins”— released a series of print and TV ads in August 1995 uniformly denounced as bordering on kiddie porn.The pornification continued to expand and to move down the age chain.The Bratz dolls, launched in 2001, with their Sunset Strip hooker outfits, make Barbie look like a priss (although a very stacked priss); the selling of thongs that read “eye candy” to 7-year-olds; the transformation of Britney Spears from teen pop star to midriff -baring, breast-implanted hootchie mama; the promotion of pole dancing as a great new exercise regimen for women; “Little Diva” make over parties for girls as young as 5—well, even those of us who truly believe that sex is and should be a healthy, normal, pleasurable part of life started getting very uneasy.Books with titles like Striptease Culture, Pornified, So Sexy So Soon, and The Lolita Effect have documented the mainstreaming of pornography and its lopsided negative effects on females.Here’s what our increasingly pornified media have been telling girls and women: dress like a streetwalker but just say no—or dress like Carrie Bradshaw (what were some of those outfits?! Old-fashioned American prudery has always been an important component of keeping women in their place. A culture that is prudish and pornographic—how’s that for a contradiction to navigate?The sexpert persona came, in part, from the desires of young women for sexual freedom and equality, to enjoy sex without condemnation, and to have their sexuality seen as healthy and normal.But this is America, where there is little that can’t be repackaged and sold back to us for a profit. Some young women wanted sexual equity with men: that’s a claim for equal power.The best way to gain this kind of power is to cater to what men want.And you’re not acquiescing to men or to patriarchal sexual requirements: by submitting, you’re in the driver’s seat!

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