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He said she's cloning her dog but it's not the same dog. Howard said the right thing to do is get a dog that's already here and give it a loving home.

The psychic told her that her Ronnie is laying next to her hugging her and things like that. To keep the loading time of this page a little shorter I've filed the rest of this week's news in the Marks archives.

The Too Fat to Fish author, conversing with fans on Twitter, said he’s ‘never been happier’ nearly seven years after his departure from the program, and that he's fortunate to currently be working with one of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters.

The New Jersey native noted other positive developments in his career, as he said he’s ‘in a groove’ with his podcast, has a third book due out next summer and is slated to appear on both The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Conan in the near-future.

Since Jackie left there have been rumors of his return but Howard insists that he will not be returning no matter what.

In mid-August, 2001 Jackie was quoted in a newpaper article as saying he wants to come back to the show but Howard insists that he blew it when he walked off the show.

c--- permission to talk to ur boss.’ (On his podcast last week, Lange said Turk was telling ‘guys who worked with [Stern] for 20 years, “You can't talk to Howard unless you talk to me first, you need permission.”’)Lange said he’s ‘lent 3 former Stern employees money for rent,’ all of whom were ‘soldiers’ who made the show great, sometimes at their own expense.

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visitor James writes: ''...a dirty/angry sanchez is when you stick a finger up a chicks butt, and then wipe her own crap across the top of her lip, giving her what apears to be a little mexican mustache, hence the name ''Sanchez'', and DEFINATELY explains the dirty or angry part..'' Cleveland Steamer/Chili-Dog - (Courtesy of Chef Sho and James) - Cleveland Steamer '' simply craps between a girl's breasts.'' Chili-Dog-''...

‘Marci’s like the general manager, COO; Jeremy’s the senior executive/producer type. We're still waiting for permission from Marci to ask him.’Lange took to Twitter Thursday to clarify the situation, as he said that former co-workers from the Stern show sought his help and advice in approaching the wealthy radio host for financial assistance. Peace.’Lange wasn't the only ex-Stern associate to take umbrage with the radio host's observation about his former employees: Comedian Bob Levy, a frequent on-air contributor from 2006 until 2008, told the Daily Mail that when he parted ways with the show, he barely missed the paycheck he was receiving for his services.'At 25 bucks a week, I would never [have called] myself a employee,' said the Philadelphia-based comic, who also received on-air plugs as part of his arrangement with the program until Stern nixed the ads.

And they’ll deal with Benjy, the problem is he has too much access to me.’The lack of access seemed to hit a nerve with Lange, who tweeted, ‘Imagine asking some ... Lange said he ‘reluctantly tried but it was hopeless,' and that ‘it sucks so much red tape exists,' adding, '[I'm] not saying Howard turned them down. But I got frustrated over how complicated it was.'Lange added that Bronk, a frequent on-air whipping boy of Stern’s, is ’an insanely talented joke writer,' and offered to 'pay him more' than Stern 'to work on [his] podcast’ should the allegations of his repeated tardiness be authentic - and his fate on the show lie in Turk's hands.‘Doin that show was my dream!

You crap on a girl's stomach, and then ride her so it gets all rubbed in.''Another definition from Brian ''.when you have a one night stand with a girl and you take off in the morning.

But instead of leaving a note you leave her a steaming piece of crap on her pillow.'' Unfortunately there's no one that I know of that provides written transcripts of The Howard Stern Show.

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