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I decided to try the internet to look to see if there was any type of work I could from home.I turned on the computer and waited for the monitor to come to life. ” The monitor finally displayed the internet login prompt.Why don’t you go set up the computer and the camera.”“It’s going to be ok Brian. Brian had just finished setting up the digital camera with the computer. ”He walked over slowly as if the six feet to the bed had been a mile. I could hear his breathing quicken and I could see the anxiety in his eyes.Just go set it up and I will be in there in a minute.” I was feeling nervous myself. I put my hands on his shoulders, his body instantly tensed up. Let’s just peck each other on the lips a couple of times to get used to the feeling of our lips touching, ok? “Well, looks like my son is starting to show a little enthusiasm.” I leaned forward and placed my lips on his. I lingered there for a couple of seconds and then pulled away. With that I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his. I placed my hands on his back; his breathing was quickening and becoming horse. I searched every inch of his mouth and his tongue wrestled with mine.

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As I read through the text I felt a cold tingle to down my spine. I was scared to ask you Brian but I am running out of options.

I am laughing because you look embarrassed about not having kissed a girl. ” I kept repeating this to myself as I finished cleaning up the dishes.

There is no need to be embarrassed, I am honored to be the first girl you kiss. After I was done I headed to the bedroom where the computer was.

After what we did yesterday I have different sort of feelings for you.

I was scared to say anything thinking that you would get mad at me but right now I don’t care.”His words were soothing.

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