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Sound:15 Songs: 18 Gigs:19 Style:5 Attitude:10 Total: 67Coldplay17.

Robert Wyatt Semi-paralysed since an accident in 1973, the former Soft Machine drummer has become one of British pop's most recognisable, haunting voices.

Coldplay They have been much criticised, but Coldplay are arguably one of Britain's premier post-millennial rock bands.

Influenced by the likes of Jeff Buckley and Echo and the Bunnymen, they have combined guitar transcendence with traditional songwriting to create what are fast becoming modern standards.

The duo's albums, Felt Mountain and Black Cherry, are exotic middle-European fantasias co-scripted by Christopher Isherwood and Hans Christian Andersen: music for black forests and red light districts.

Sound: 16 Songs:18 Gigs:14 Style:8 Attitude:11 Total: 67Beth Gibbons18.It is this atmosphere of longing and searching that gives their music warmth - that, and their ability to write cheeky melodies that radiate an infectious sense of joy. Sound:19 Songs:15 Gigs: 8 Style:12 Attitude: 12 Total: 66Broadcast19.Beth Gibbons Glaciers move quicker than the career of hip-hop torch singer turned folk siren Gibbons, but it was always worth the wait.Goldfrapp There is plenty of sex in pop, but precious little sensuality.After a few years in the shadows as a guest vocalist for the likes of Orbital and Tricky, Alison Goldfrapp (aided by collaborator Will Gregory) emerged to remedy that shortage with a cocktail of ripe carnality and sinister beauty.20: Broadcast Broadcast's music could be beamed in from another galaxy - you can imagine Barbarella dancing about her space pod to their latest album, Haha Sound.Using 1960s equipment, Broadcast create songs with the texture of scudding clouds and calm seas, topped with lyrics as calmly beautiful as they are fraught with confusion and tension.With Portishead, she was a goosebump-raising voice in the dark.She reappeared last year in tandem with former Talk Talk member Paul Webb on the extraordinarily beautiful Out of Season, a record with the autumnal tang of bonfire smoke.Wyatt can be as personal as he is political, and is able to sing equally movingly about love, brandy, and the joys of mustard.Sound:16 Songs:15 Gigs:11 Style:10 Attitude:17 Total: 6916.

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