Christian college interracial dating

The school even governs how students are to go about their off-campus employment as well.

Serving alcohol at bars or restaurants, keeping hours past PM on weekdays and midnight on weekends, and door-to-door sales without expressed permission from the dean or a retail license are all forbidden by Bob Jones University.

Neither freshmen nor sophomores are permitted to drive cars to work, either. Liberty University As with many Christian colleges and universities, Liberty extends its behavioral guidelines to students who live off campus as well as on.

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Obviously, dishonest or disruptive remains heavily discouraged as it does even in public schools.

Political or social demonstrations – including harmless picketing – are completely banned on campus, and the University heavily discourages participating in any held off-campus as well.

They reserve the right to discipline any student who does so, most especially in cases when the politics and ideals expressed in the protests go against the school’s extremely conservative beliefs.

They understandably discourage illegal and discourteous behaviors such as excessive drunkenness, but generally harmless actions like possessing legal pornography, moderate drinking, disciplined gambling, dancing, sensuality, premarital sex, and homosexuality all remain condemned and held up as just as harmful to young, educated minds.

All mixed groups of men and women – both on and off campus – require the presence of a chaperone to intercede on any behaviors they deem offensive to their conservative sensibilities.

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