College luv dating sedating agitated child ppt

I couldn’t understand this, I tried confronting her but she wouldn’t bother to give me a valid reason.

There was no more holding hands, it was more like I had to grab her hand if I craved for it. I had all the questions, but I couldn’t find the answers however hard I tried.

I tried avoiding her, but she wouldn’t seem to realize that I wasn’t around, or that’s what she would say.

This drove me crazy, but all I could do was vent my anger through helpless tears, in front of all my friends, sometimes during class.

I was afraid to move on, afraid of whether I would be able to survive in this world of love, cleverly concealed by lies, deceit and revenge. And oh yes, the sun was shining with a warmth that I could feel well within the depths of my heart. Experiencing college romance through the months A few months into ‘love’, and I began to see the cracks in the road, as expected, very well concealed under the dry, withered leaves underneath my treading feet.

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I was afraid to face the world by myself, afraid to see her with anyone else.

A friend of mine introduced me to my first glass of alcohol.

It did help for a while, but it just wasn’t enough.

We seldom fed each other, it was a risky deal to have my shirt soiled just because I was too lazy to feed myself, or that’s what she said.

But, definitely we were still so in ‘love’, we used to say the three magical words every now and then.

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