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if you moan a lot like i do about my work, you're better of being single. conferences are a great idea for those looking for Ph Ds.

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Hi there, well - I think there are two things here - if you're single when you start a Ph D it makes it pretty tough to meet anyone unless they're from the same lab.However, Ph Ds are tough on a relationship, and i've had to force myself not to talk about it all the time or it detriments our relationship. Arguably that why I am in a relationship of mutual convenience.actually, i recently met a Ph D student who i could potentially be interested in.i met my boyf the week before i started my Phd and he is an electrican (so not in a smilar position at all) i dont find it affects my Phd at all and dont think i could live with someone who was as stressed at me (i.e fellow Ph Ds)On the down side he doesnt really understand when i get upset and cry over cells dying etc!but then i have people to talk to at work about Ph D related things.always correcting you, always bringing up the Ph D stuff i wanna take my mind off, trying to look show me that he knows a thing or two.on the other hand, i'd rather date such a person than the type that are intimidated by Ph Ds.But in the end when you're working so hard it's difficult to meet anyone. ) Not entirely sure I would want to date [strange term when you're 40] another Ph D student.Having said that - I then went to a conference and met someone - a postdoc, so now it's great in the last part of the Ph D to have someone who understands, cooks me dinner when I can't be bothered in the evening because I can't tear myself away from the work, & keeps telling me I'm doing fine. Last thing I want to do when I stop working is to listen to someones elses Ph D woes - have enough of my own.I spent the majority of my Ph D bemoaning the lack of men (or at least ones I was interested in!), and having some rather funny or disastrous dates in an attempt to do something about it.

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