Dating advice for men uk

Please, keep this in mind and avoid acting like a weirdo.

Offering sexual services or a ‘touch of your body’ won’t take you anywhere. Thinking clearly about why would you be joining and how you would ‘sell’ yourself is the best place.

A good thing to do is, to go for a drink with your best mates and talk to them about this, let them help you about the way you should describe yourself.

No one better than your best friends to tell you what kind of person you are and talk about your worst and best features, talk seriously and trust their opinion.

Grab some pen and paper and start writing about what you want to find.

Weather you’ll be looking for your next girlfriend or just some no strings fun, just write it down to make sure you don’t forget your objectives.

More sooner than later the truth will come up and you’ll be only getting your chances of finding a girl reduced.

This being a virtual profile doesn’t mean you should or can try to be someone you are not.Generally speaking, we have to agree, but we also would like to leave room to other options. Well, let’s just say your smile might not be your best feature or you are the kind of person that rarely smiles.If this is your case, why should you force yourself to smile just for your online profile? Like we said before, try to show yourself and who you are.Let us just throw some important facts about online dating.Despite most online dating websites claiming good men to women ratios, the fact is, you’ll be ‘fighting’ against hundreds of men to get the attention of a single girl. Competition is thought and don’t think you’ll get anything without, at least, sowing your face.Studies show, by using a pictures you increase your response rate by over 70%.Girls are mostly looking for a relationship and some even marriage (even if they normally don’t assume it on their profile).All profiles will ask for your age, body type, height, profession, etc. There’s no advantage on lying and portraying yourself as a ‘superman’, you’ll be just be settling conditions for a bad date. Sometimes the income is one of the options, we suggest you don’t answer to that, unless you earn so much and you want to make that a bullet point, than go for it.We can’t neglect the fact that some girls do like to be ‘well treated’ and money could make them turn your way.First and foremost, you have to add photos, at least one, but we suggest between 3 and 6 for better results.Do not think you’ll be able to make contact online without a picture, it would be extremely hard. This is probably the most discussed subject about online dating and one thing that almost always comes as a conclusion is that you should smile.

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