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For example, passerines can be found anywhere in the territory of Azerbaijan.Protozoa parasites are also registered in all areas of the country, depending on natural habitat of carrier animals (cattle, poultry, etc.).

The religious beliefs of local residents include Shiite Islam (97%), Christianity and other religious movements.The natural habitat of various types of animals is very different within the country.Some species populate special restricted areas (lakes, parts of mountainous areas) while others are spread throughout the country.Otherwise, you may be banned by the administrator of the chat.Fauna of Azerbaijan or animal kingdom of Azerbaijan refers to the diversity of various types of animals, which inhabit and populate a defined ground or water area in Azerbaijan.At the same time drugs, perfumes, fertilizers and fodder are produced from animals` products.Some animals in Azerbaijan are endangered because of threats from changing environments or predators.The symbol of Fauna in Azerbaijan is the Karabakh horse (Azeri: Qarabağ atı) which is a mountain-steppe racing and riding horse which can only be found in Azerbaijan.The Karabakh horse has a reputation for its good temper, speed, elegance and intelligence.The first information on the animal kingdom of Azerbaijan was collected during the visits of naturalists to Azerbaijan in the 17th century.Unlike fauna, the concept of animal kingdom covers not only the types of animals, but also the number of individual species.

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