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To my excitement, the cute grad student from my journalism program was lingering. "You're getting too attached." Then he bopped me on the nose like I was a child—or a small dog.

He smiled at me in the candlelight, and my stomach flipped. But when he leaned in to kiss me, I blurted, "I just broke up with my boyfriend and I'm kind of vulnerable." Uh, talk about TMI. I sat beside him in class, sent flirty texts, and tried to ferret out his weekend plans. Two weeks after our initial hookup, I talked him into coming over. I'd never felt more humiliated, but that bop summed up the experience of being single for the first time as an adult, at 28.

Phone calls and dates are fine, we've had 4 or 5 dates now.

She gives me all the indicators of interest that any other women would when dating.

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Stanley says inertia, convenience, and financial benefit can cause a relationship between 20-somethings to drag on—for four to seven years for more than 50 percent of cohabiting couples, according to one study.Fresh from an eight-year relationship, I was longing for the early-20s experience—wild nights and random hookups—I'd missed spending quiet weekends at home with my then-boyfriend.We'd begun dating sophomore year of college, after a summer of exchanging letters stuffed with dried rose petals.WHEN SHE WAS 29, Aviva broke up with the man she thought was The One.After six years of sleepovers, he still wouldn't commit to marriage.He was my first long-term boyfriend, the first guy I slept with, and we lived together after college in pseudo-married bliss, refinishing furniture and inventing names for our future children. So I left, blithely unconcerned about my romantic future.I was living in "boyfriend-land," a magical place where we shared our lives, sheltered from the harsh realities of the dating world. I was a sophisticated woman: I'd published a nonfiction book, would soon sell my first novel, and I was working on two advanced degrees. The number of unmarried cohabitating couples in the U. has exploded, from about 500,000 in 1970 to nearly 5 million today, just as the median age for a woman's first marriage has hit 26—later than ever before.Naturally friendly, she laughed, joked, and smiled freely. While Moster's friends love hearing about her dating pursuits, "They get frustrated when I cry about the same problem again and again," she says.And she left to go with him to a second bar, a sign to any red-blooded male that sex is inevitable. They tell her a guy's indecision is a bad sign or that she's rushing into things.Then there are serial monogamists who jump from one guy—and apartment—to the next, never pausing to play the field. These single gals worry about their biological clocks and whether or not all the good men have been taken.In each case, when the relationships end, floods of young women are unleashed upon the dating scene without a clue about what to do there. So should we all just have heeded Mom, and put off sharing a toothbrush jar until the save-the-dates went out?

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