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From this perspective pornography has not harmed the marriage.

Recently, my wife was perusing the website called i Village, a woman-oriented online community, where a number of discussion boards exist for women to converse about hot topics such as beauty, cooking, dating, gardening, money, pets, pregnancy, relationship problems, weddings, and just about everything else.As she was looking for topics started by pregnant women, a couple of discussion topics caught her attention: “Porn problems with hubby” and “TMI porn question?” Both of these discussions were started by women who expressed some concern about their husbands viewing pornography.For some the problem wasn’t the pornography but the secrecy about it.Other wives commented about how they dislike their husbands viewing pornography. One writes: “W” Many saw the viewing of pornography as a serious issue.Young men and women are indeed being taught what sex is, how it looks, what its etiquette and expectations are, by pornographic training—and this is having a huge effect on how they interact.But the effect is not making men into raving beasts.One writes: He tells me I’m beautiful, then looks at perfect naked bodies. Does he look at them because the image of sex and desire turn him on or does he look at it because that is what he wants . Several women found consolation in the idea that their husbands said they “didn’t want to go to bed” with the women on screen.What their husbands looked at didn’t matter much to them.If pornography didn’t seem to diminish a man’s libido, make him desire his wife less, or diminish the quality or quantity of marital intimacy, then the wife was more likely to treat pornography as a non-issue.If the presence of porn was seen as a potential cause for these things, then the wife was more likely to be anti-porn.

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