Dating parker duofold pens

All pens save those in the "basement" are working and carry a 1 year function warranty. The rubber has light oxidation, but I am not going to have it recolored. The nib has original iridescent patina I will not polish away.

Shipping starts at or so within USA and tends to range -55 internationally. It seems to put down good line with water and has hefty flex (better than many of the Watermans pulling crazy prices lately).

You might go another twenty years trying to find one mint stickered.

The barrel band/sticker is loose so do keep an eye on it (it will slide from the barrel). If you decide to make it a user and it needs a nib adjustment, I'll subsidize within the first year. Still, this one is appopriate at least as much for a top grade Conklin collection, given condition and model. Most pen makers gave up on chased finishes when hard rubber yielded to plastic for pen manufacture, but chased plastic pens do turn up. Dating likely to the 1930s, though I can't exclude 1940s.

By 1905, Parker’s Lucky Curve pens were a force to be reckoned with in the growing fountain-pen industry.

This makes two website updates in under three months.

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You should get in touch with me to confirm availability. A very pretty squat but standard diameter Conklin likely early 1920s, with threaded cap (not earlier slip cap) and with pink gold-filled trim at the spring clip, cap ring and crescent. Light even wear but still with well preserved chasing and imprints. Dates to 1923 per collector Dave Glass, though I might have expected a bit later. I couldn't turn down a stickered clean pen from this era when it popped up in collection offered to me.I probably should keep this one, as I've not had another Mabie of its sort, but I don't aggressively collect this brand, so I'll let it go to someone who can appreciate it.Another one that looks even cleaner in hand than in photo.This one rocks, with sharp manufacturer's imprints everywhere, clean plastic, clip and cap-ring.Lever had high point brrassing typical to this series. Far more scarce than similar period Parker/Sheaffer. Nbi is intact and writes a nice very flexible line.. The nib's imprint is weak at the right side (see pic).That’s what i thought of first too :p was kind of confused. Reddit and the alien logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. There is even a dedicated section for sussing out the date codes parker used. In 1948, parker introduced a smaller variant of the 51, called the demi. It has the black lever I've seen with some colorful Mabies also from this era Terrific nib.Fine-med with bit of stub quality, with light touch it writes a razor thin corss stroke and fine-medium downstroke. With gentler pressure when pen held at modest angle to paper, the dowstroke can hit double broad.Most are in quite nice condition, and some feature special points (stub, flex, etc). All vintage restored and with year function warranty.You are on the update page for freshly listed pens.

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