Dating powder horns

Item Code PF0265, Price 165 (GBP) A rare earthernware salt glaized powder flask shape vessel by Stephen Green Imperial Potteries Lambeth made about 1850. One minor old chip to the spout otherwise excellent condition. finding leather covered flasks in this condition is getting very difficult. This is the type of flask used with percussion target rifles in the 19th Century. Item Code PF0262, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare shot flask with swivel charger by G & J. Item Code PF0247, Price SOLD (GBP) A superb little fluted pistol size powder flask by G & J. Item Code PF0214, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare powder flask marked Lang Cockspur st. Item Code PF0199, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare pattern and very attractive powder flask by James Dixon & Sons. Item Code PF0200, Price SOLD (GBP) A powder flask with leather covered body made by James Dixon & Sons in the 1980's in it's original box. Item Code PF0187, Price SOLD (GBP) A tiny pistol powder flask which only measures 2 3/4" overall. Superb untouched condition with most of the original finish remaining. Item Code PF0182, Price 85 SOLD (GBP) A Sykes Extra Quality planished tin bodied powder flask. Some solder can be seen on a small section of one seam. Some rust and pitting to the top which would improve with a clean. There are a couple of dents on the bottom seam which you can see in the photos. Excellent condition retaining lots of the original laquer. Item Code PF0175, Price SOLD (GBP) A superb powder flask by James Dixon & Sons with their waterproof cap (which fits over the top underneath the charger) registered by them. These flasks were intended to throw accurate charges for use with long range rifle shooting. Worth doing a little restoration as a hard to find powder flask. A very hard to find flask and all completely original. There are a number of dings over the body of the flask. One small push in one side of the body that should come out OK. Would be suitable with a pair of percussion pistols. Item Code PF0075, Price SOLD (GBP) A very rare early 19th Century powder flask with a pressed horn body showing a sporting scene. One seam has been tightened during its working life by two rivets.

Good condition SOLDItem Code PF0230, Price SOLD (GBP) A three way powder flask for a pair of flintlock duelling or officers pistols. The flask has been recovered in leather at some time past but it has been well done and looks quite good. Item Code PF280, Price 300 (GBP) A very interesting 18th Century brass bound horn powder flask scrimshawed on one side Thomas Jackson and on the other side the date 1802 with writing I struggle to decipher but which I think refers to a boat or ship of Boston so could this be an American flask? Item Code PF0263, Prices see description below (GBP) Three small pistol powder flasks: pine cone pattern powder flask with adjustable charger 5" overall 150, oakleaf pattern powder flask 4 1/2" overall 150 and very rare entwined dolphin powder flask 4 3/4" overall SOLD. Item Code PF0271, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare powder flask by Heath half covered with leather and fitted with a suspension ring. This is the only flask I have seen by Heath and is a distinctive style. Item Code PF0254, Price SOLD (GBP) A pistol size bottle shape powder flask. Very good condition with considerable amounts of the original lacquer remaining on both body and top. Item Code PF0252, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare James Dixon & Sons powder flask for the Colt London Navy revolver. Very good condition with lots of the original lacquer on the body. A great find for someone casing up a Colt Navy revolver. there are a couple of minor cracks to the horn but these are tight and don't detract from the flask. Item Code PF0248, Price SOLD (GBP) A sweet tiny powder flask by James Dixon & Sons for a small pistol. Suitable for a percussion rifle or small bore shotgun. Item Code PF0218, Price SOLD (GBP) Another very large powder flask . Stamped Patent and charger graduated from 5 drams to 6 drams. Item Code PF0204, Price SOLD (GBP) A superb 19th Century very high quality pressed horn powder flask with a Bosche type charger. Item Code PF0189, Price SOLD (GBP) Two small hand sized powder flasks by Sykes which are sized to fit nicely in the hand and pocket. Good untouched condition with their original springs intact. Item Code PF0162, Price SOLD (GBP) A tiny powder flask by G & J. Hawksley only 3 3/4" long with an adjustable charger from 3/16 drams to 5/16 drams. Missing the top of the charger and the spring is broken. This could well have seen service in the Crimea where several thousand Colt Navy revolvers were used by British Officers and NCO's. These flasks are very hard to find in any condition. Untouched and uncleaned with a few minor dents in the body. Item Code PF0118, Price SOLD (GBP) A heavy quality extra thick copper bodied powder flask with flash proof top. Item Code PF0114, Price SOLD (GBP) An unusual French horn powder flask with cross charger. There has been one beetle bite which has been filled at some time past. Item Code PF0122, Price SOLD (GBP) A superb planished tin powder flask by Sykes Sheffield with nickel raised seams. Good condition - a repair to the brass edging strip and some minor cracks to the horn. All good condition but the dolphin flask has a broken lever on the top hence the price. The partial leather covering is completely original to the flask. Item Code PF0250, Price SOLD (GBP) An early 19th Century powder flask of bottle shape. Unusually for this type of flask the top unscrews to fill (rather than a fixed top). Item Code PF0245, Prices SOLD (GBP) Three small powder flasks suitable for casing with a 54B percussion revolver. Item Code PF0242, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare 18th Century lanthorn powder flask with a wrap around spring probably for a pistol. Item Code PF0231, Price SOLD (GBP) A James Dixon & Sons powder flask for a Colt 1851 London Navy revolver. Fair condition with some dents and a little chewed around the top of the charger but these flasks are difficult to find and it is all completely original. Superb condition and very hard to find in this condition as they had a tendency to rust. Probably German or Austrian and the best crisp and detailed pressed horn I have ever seen. Very good untouched condition and complete with the original cord. Item Code PF0207, Price SOLD(GBP) A 19th Century powder flask embossed with three horses by G & J. Item Code PF0196, Price SOLD (GBP) A James Dixon & Sons powder flask for a Colt Navy revolver. The nozzle is adjustable from 4/8 drams to 6/8 drams. The top still has most of the original lacquer and the spring retains it's fire blue. The reverse side of the body has a dent which you can see in the photos. Measures 5 3/4" not including missing portion of the charger. Item Code PF0115, Price SOLD (GBP) A pistol powder flask with an embossed design on both sides. Item Code PF0128, Price SOLD (GBP) A rifle powder flask made by James Dixon & Sons and shown in their catalogue (see the page in the phot) but not maker marked. Made by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield and stamped James Dixon & Sons Sheffield on the top. Excellent condition with loads of lacquer remaining. There is a minor push on one side of the copper body that could probably be removed without trace. It is marked Gosset Brevette which means that it was the patent of Gosset who was the manufacturer in Paris. Item Code PF0126, Price SOLD (GBP) A high quality rifle powder flask by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield with sprung charger for accurate measurement of powder. Unusually the hole for the tiny screw in the charger that is used to mark the adjustments has never been drilled. One small area of pitting on the reverse side which you can see in the photos. Spring incomplete and the lever is frozen - needs soaking in some oil to free. This of the type that was cased with Purdey Manton and Boss shotguns. Very good condition with most gilt lacquer on the brass top and fire blued spring. Item Code PF0074, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare powder flask by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield with very high relief embossing of a Scottish stag hunting scene below thistles. Nickel silver top and copper body with hanging game and suspension ring. One of the cups is missing from one side of the handle. Measures 7" overall and has a suspension ring at the bottom. Item Code PF0225, Prices SOLD (GBP) Four pistol size powder flasks. Item Code PF0040, Price SOLD (GBP) A large 19th Century powder flask By G. The typical Dixon pseudo hallmarks are stamped on the collar. A very heavy flask with thick copper body and quite rare with the nickel silver fittings. There is the remains of a paper label on the reverse side but this is mostly illegible. The only other large John Hall tin I have seen was in the Keith Neil auction by Christies in July 2002. Hawksley with four suspension rings and a great scene of a Scotsman with a stag and dogs on one side with oak leaves on the other side. Item Code RT0493, Price SOLD (GBP) This is the ultimate powder tin!!! Item Code PF0022, Price SOLD (GBP) A very rare 18th Century kidney shaped hard leather pistol powder flask with turned baluster top and wrap around spring. The flask is definitely all original and the body shape is as per the factory manufacture. A flask for the collector who has everything (or thought he did). Item Code PF0117, Price SOLD (GBP) A very rare flask with knuckle joint top and sprung hinged lid. The brass peg is missing from the top of the horn in the top of the photos and the peg on the other horn is loose. Sleepy untouched condition and would improve greatly with a careful clean. Item Code PF0221, Price SOLD (GBP) A good powder flask made by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield and suitable for casing with a percussion revolver such as a 54 bore Adams or Tranter. Original spring and remains of the original lacquer to some parts of the flask. This is a genuine 19th Century powder flask and not one of the Indian fakes that have appeared on the market. Item Code PF0195, Price SOLD (GBP) A three way pistol size powder flask with a bottom compartment for percussion caps and a top compartment for balls. The body of the flask is made in two sides which were heated and then pressed to shape with a scene impressed into one side of a wild boar hunt. It has a spring loaded push across charger with horn button. One small ding on the front and another on the edge of the back. Item Code PF0167, Price SOLD (GBP) A powder flask by G & J. Hawksley Sheffield of the pattern that was made for Colt Navy revolvers. Generally good condition but with some dents and dings comensurate with service use. Item Code PF0130, Price SOLD (GBP) A rifle powder flask with inverted charger by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield. There is a Victorian design mark to the body for the date 16th April 1858. This shape is rare and the flask is cheap and worth carefully restoring. Item Code PF0090, Price SOLD (GBP) A tiny 19th Century powder flask for a small pistol. Excellent condition retaining some of the original lacquer with only a few very minor dents. Item Code PF0088, Price SOLD (GBP) A late18th or early 19th Century French powder flask with horn body and four suspension loops. Item Code PF0066, Price SOLD (GBP) A 19th Century gunners powder horn - the smallest one I have seen. Item Code PF0052, Price SOLD (GBP) A Hawksley pistol powder flask with oakleaf design. Left to right: Plain flask measures 4 7/8" overall. Item Code PF0229, Price SOLD (GBP) A very sleepy elongated powder flask by Sykes marked "Improved Fireproof". The charger is also marked Sykes and is adjustable 1 1/2 drams, 1 3/4 to 2 drams. Some very minor dents to the body which you can see in the photos. Item Code PF0180, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare and very decorative 19th Century pressed horn French powder flask. One small tight crack to the left edge of the pressed horn which you can see in the photos and a few minor age cracks to the reverse horn side. This would have been used with a British army issue Adams revolver probably in the Crimea. Untouched and uncleaned with a great colour to the body. One or two rivets are missing which secure the brass fittings but these shouldn't be too difficult to replace. Secured by a strap attached at each end, powder horns were worn across the shoulder, with the horn’s curve making it ideal for carrying close to the body, making the map readily accessible.Made about two decades later, the horn below shows Yorktown and the York River in Virginia, and is one of the Division’s three horns made during the American Revolution.

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