Dating quaker lace tablecloths

The one story brick building behind the office, with its sawtooth roof, provided an ideal space for mending.The Jacquard looms for making lace were on the second through fourth floors of the Lawrence Street building, with finishing, bleaching, and drying operations on the first floor. Eighty looms operated at the 4th Street mill, with 46 looms and 48 Levers lace machines operated at the 22nd Street mill.For centuries, when one was in the market for a fine tablecloth, the material that immediately came to mind was linen.Woven from the flax plant, linen dates to ancient Egypt—mummies were wrapped in the stuff, while the living wore linen clothing.The company first added tablecloths to their line in 1932.

The elegant designs offered by the Quaker Lace tablecloths were ideal when formal dining was premium in most households.In 1925, the 22nd Street building was sold to the Quaker Hosiery Company, and operations shifted to the 4th Street mill.John Bromley was elected President of the firm in 1926.Today, linen is used to describe a specific type of fabric as well as a generic term referring to everything from sheets and pillowcases to napkins and tablecloths. Bromley purchased the Horner Brother Carpet Company mill, constructed in 1880 and situated on the northwest corner of 4th Street and Lehigh Avenue.Quaker Lace tablecloths could withstand numerous machine washings.As formalities began to decline to give over to casual lifestyles, the once daily use of lace tablecloths was relegated to special occasions, such as holidays, anniversaries, and special dinner parties. Bromley (Philadelphia, PA) founded a lace manufacturing company, Lehigh Manufacturing Company and in 1911 changed the name to Quaker Lace Company.The tablecloths were machine-made and highly prized.This dining experience always included a lace tablecloth.There were many patterns to choose from a few included: The eras of formal dining helped to usher in the popularity of the tablecloths.

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