Dating selfish women

' I asked blearily.'You're snoring and I can't sleep. I accept snoring may not be one of my most attractive qualities, but really? Researchers from the University of Zurich have finally proved what women the world over have known for years.

Come on, you've got to go,' he said, as he bundled me out of bed and his apartment onto the streets of Manhattan. That women really are the kinder and more selfless sex.

In the past, boys may have been more spoiled than girls and therefore grew up to be more likely to be selfish.

These days, with more families having only one or two children the selfishness is better spread between the sexes.

Thats true enough and there is no harm in doing so IMO as women expect their emotional egos to be boosted dont they ,with compliments that rarely get returned etc. I do think that maybe women think more about how their behaviour impacts others but does that make them less selfish? Men and women are very different in many ways and I think we should accept those differences rather than expecting the opposite sex to think and behave as we do.

I am not sure if one sex is predominantly more selfish than the other we are just different in our wants,needs and expectations which may make us appear selfish to the other sex? sounds more like complete rubbish to isn't even presented as a question ... I like your style, ask a question in the thread title then bang! So what exactly is the point of the thread other than a rant against men?

The study, which looked at the areas of the brain that are active when charitable decisions are made, found that the reward centre in the brain is more strongly activated in females when they do something friendly or helpful than something selfish.

Men are more insular than women, they don't, in general, have the same social/support networks as women and don't have the same friendships as women.

This is what does my head in with customer service 'professionals'. Example: You can't control a person in the same way that you can control your PC.

You can influence a person's thoughts and - in effect - their actions, but they still retain the free will to act at their own discretion.

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