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Blast noise was reportedly heard as far east as Palo Cedro and south to Cottonwood, CA.

As of this report, approximately 150-200 pounds of explosives remain at the site.

24 hour security is in place at the site as a significant amount of explosives remain on the property (5747 Happy Valley Road, Happy Valley, CA).

Due to the significant age of the explosives, and that they are considerably more volatile when moved, the determination has been made to keep in them in place as plans are developed for safe removal/destruction.

On February 28, 2018, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko, as the Director of Emergency Services, executed a Proclamation declaring a Local Emergency due to the clear and present danger the explosives pose to the public.

Additional explosives will be detonated within the next few hours delaying the opening the evacuation area.Until this incident is concluded there is 24-hour security on site.The homeowners, Steven and Tammy Joseph, of Olinda, CA purchased the property four months ago.Happy Valley School is expected to resume tomorrow, February 28, 2018.Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad is on location at 5747 Happy Valley Road, Happy Valley, CA due to a large cache of explosives located.**NEWS RELEASE** UPDATE TO HAPPY VALLEY INCIDENT February 28, 2018 On Tuesday, February 27, 2018 the Shasta County Multi-Agency Bomb Squad destroyed approximately 150 pounds of explosives in five separate blasts.These explosives were found at a residence located at 5747 Happy Valley Road, Anderson, CA.The property consists of a home, which is in the process of a remodel, and an outbuilding/barn.The homeowner was unaware of the presence of the explosives and has been very cooperative throughout this removal process.As a precautionary measure, mandatory evacuations are underway for residents located within ½ mile radius of the site, including: Shawn Drive, Andrea Way, Flowers Lane and Triple S Drive.Evacuees may report to the Shasta County Fairgrounds – Fucero Hall, non-ambulatory residents requiring assistance should contact SHASCOM Dispatch at (530) 245-6540. Happy Valley Elementary School students are being bussed to West Valley High School. Road closures are as follows: **UPDATE** **NEWS RELEASE** February 27, 2018 The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office originally planned to lift evacuation orders and road closures soon.

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