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If your alone with your man, you can also be your strong and independent self. His mother or father will call him every day, want him to come to see them often and even have to drop everything to take care of what ever they might need at that time.He is often torn between what the family needs and what you need. He will never choose you over family and you should never expect him to.If they make sure your house payment is paid, you have food, and don’t need money, they are being romantic. they show their romance by the subtle things they do; not the big extravagant gestures that we western women are used to. So, with this kind of atmosphere on top of the nerves of having sex with a foreigner that is probably more experienced than he, it is easy to see that some Asian men can be a bit clumsy at first when they have sex.But trust me, if your patient, give them a little guidance of what you like and give them a lot of practice they will get it right and blow your mind.I cannot speak for every Asian man out there, because as you know all men are different and there is always that special guy that isn’t the norm.

They don’t have to worry when they give up the reins to a new leader.So, support your Asian man, if you had to put up with the guilt and pressure his family puts on him; you would need extra support also. In Asian cultures, the pressure to have children is strong.It is traditionally thought that having children will keep the blood line going, without a child the family line dies.He will take on the responsibility to provide, protect and make decisions, so you can be the wife.Some people think that is dominating and some people think that is bossy.His loyalty to them is not the same as his love and loyalty to you.The pressure they give him is bad enough without the pressure of you also.(Disclaimer: I do know there are other men of other nationalities that can do the same and very well, but we are talking about Asian men so don’t get bent out of shape if you a male reader that isn’t Asian) I can’t say that Asian men aren’t romantic, I can say that they are romantic in a non-traditional thinking way.They are not big on giving you flowers after your married at least.We, Black women just need to do it more often than not.If most of us had a choice, we would give up the role of head of the family and prefer to be the “wife.” When you marry a Asian man, you can rest assured that he will take the role of the head of the family.

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