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Credits can be later used to download files from the site.

Credits can be lost by uploading a bad release that gets nuked.

Now they are also a source of other copyright protected works such as movies and music.

It is not uncommon for sites to charge for access to the content, although this is frowned upon by the scene itself due to the decreased security.

When a user uploads a file, their account is credited for an amount based on the uploaded file size, commonly multiplied three times.

For example, when a user uploads a 15MB file, they may receive 45MB credits in return.

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Another common site nuke is for backfilling, which is uploading something after a specific amount of time has elapsed from the time of release, usually 5 to 15 minutes.FTP bouncers are commonly used to hide the topsite's real IP address, and to share network load.Along with an "official name", most topsites are also known in the warez scene by an abbreviation that is two or three letters long.Note that such databases are uncommon, due to a completely different release naming method (based on the ZIP file descriptor FILE_ID.DIZ, as opposed to a directory name), and lack of information from this period.A group will choose topsites based on geographical location, mostly by country but sometimes by region, such as Northern Europe or Western US.Barring extraordinary circumstances, a group selects just one site for each location.Release databases are usually updated by automatic processes that either recurse selected topsites searching for new releases (spidering), or catch pre-release announcements from site channels.Release databases used by topsites are private, but a number of public websites exist with similar information.Credit system controls the amount of data that users can download.Most sites operate by using an automated credit system.

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