Dell updating bios without battery

By clicking on that it will take you to the page where you can mainly edit your power settings. After that, The “Power Options” box will appear on your screen.Now go to the “Advance Settings” and click on “Battery”.That’s the reason why I actually wrote this fixing Driver part extra explained as compared to the others so, you can easily understandperform it well on your computer, and I hope you will quickly fix your problem.The name of that corrupted driver what I’m talking about is “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” and this is the main root cause of this error to occur when every time you connects your laptop’s power adaptor.In case, If the problem isn’t solved by this guide, then I will definitely give you a valid reason why this error is still stuck on your PC like, which hardware is causing this problem or what thing you should need to replace to fixing this thing.

Most of the times, people bought some new charger or maybe a new battery for their laptop and they found that the laptop’s starts to having this problem with the new hardware and they think that new battery or charger is dead. So, let’s start to troubleshoot everything step by step and now you’ll just need to follow the whole repairing procedures given down below from step 1 to the last until you fix your laptop.You Can Use These Links To Directly Go To The Download Page: Sometimes it’s possible that the problem isn’t get solved by the Operating System repairing thing and when the troubleshooting software side won’t get beneficial then it quite possible that the issue is coming from the faulty attached hardware of your laptop.It’s either can be your adapter or maybe your battery; So, let’s check this out to find which one is creating this problem by following this 2 Step of fixing “Plugged In Not Charging” problem guide.Plugged in, Not Charging is a Windows Operating System issue and if you recently having this problem in your laptop then maybe it’s possible that your laptop is suffering from lack of charging and giving you some bad run-time Power Backup, and it’s all happen just because of some minor hardware or software fault, in the laptop of yours. Normally when this Error appears on your screen, then it also possible that you might not be able to see any charging light on your laptop, or maybe the changing light is turned ON, but the adapter still not charging the laptop at all and just only showing you the frozen battery status like or some other froze percentage digit.You can get this error on any laptop, whatever you are using Dell, HP, Lenovo, Alienware, etc.If Resetting BIOS won’t help you either, then maybe now it’s time you should need to try the Registry Cleaner in your Windows, and if you wanted my opinion, then the “Zookaware” and “CCleaner” are the two best in class Registry Cleaner Tools which can actually make thing back to normal.Now it’s all on you select which one, but according to me the Zookware is quite worthy; because it’s not just a simple registry cleaner like “CCleaner”; it can provide you more than 4 useful tools to optimize your laptop’s overall performance and not just that, this registry cleaner also comes with 60 Days Money Back Guaranty, which is actually quite good.If you found this is your current pre-saved setting, then your laptop doesn’t need to calibrate, just move to the next step.Now get back to Edit Plan Setting page and make sure that everything is set on “never” as you can below: After that Pull out the charger plug and let your laptop to discharge until it automatically hibernates. Then, plug back the charger’s cable and charge your laptop again up to 100 % and by doing that, it will definitely calibrate your laptop’s battery, and make sure you’ll set the setting as back to its normal state just like shown in the picture given below.And off course yes, you can use your laptop without a battery by only using the charger cable.Actually, It’s really safe to run your laptop without the battery and in case, if your laptop didn’t get starts normally or having some problem to start without a battery, then it’s quite possible that your laptop’s power adapter might get faulty.

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