Diablo updating tools

Within another minute, another drive will load and give a popup like this.If you do not get this pop up you can goto “My Computer” and double click the diablo tool logo located in this folder. It will search for updates and install them as necessary.The in Tune will give a confirmation on the tool itself of importation of a custom tune.In my case, this tune is already loaded onto the tool.The first thing you will want to do is gather the supplied USB cord and plug the in Tune into the computer.Let the tool load, its takes about a minute before it finishes turning on. Just wait, this drive does not contain the software for the updater.

This forum is meant only for members who wish to post the specific steps to complete a project or modification of some sort.All posts in here are put up for all to read and gain information on how to do something to their silverado or sierra.intended for those who already have the programmer and are more familiar with the in depth functions.Receiving a custom tune and installing it works much the same way.Drag from the desktop onto the in Tune drive and they will import into the tool.Secure anything that can cause any voltage fluctuations on the vehicle.This includes aftermarket parts, lights, head units, etc…This file is located in the intune drive and labeled “info.xml”.You will need to open this file with a text editor tool.NOTE: Some updates might install before it asks you to register the tool. During the update process, the in Tune “might” ask you to register.Once the tool has downloaded the updates, it will enter into a “preparing/writing” cycle in which it prepares,writes, and verifies each update it captured. This “might” depends on if the tool came registered or not.

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