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Let's just say that the previous ones were well worth the membership fee!

have their origins in the early 1980s, when Japanese companies introduced their own brands of microcomputer to compete with those of the United States.

Competing systems included the Sharp X1, Fujitsu FM-7, MSX, and NEC PC-8801.

NEC was behind its competitors in terms of hardware (with only 16 colors and no sound support) and needed a way to regain control of the market. The first commercial erotic computer game, Night Life, was released by Koei in 1982.

The mercury regularly exceeds 30 degrees in July and August, and swimmer-friendly waters nudge the mid-20s.

Pick a date in spring or autumn and you can still expect beach weather, with temperatures hovering in the low to mid-20s and just a couple of rain showers a month.

Excellent girls and a pleasant climate will make the business, and you again will feel in a new fashion.

Erotic games made the PC-8801 popular, but customers quickly became tired of paying 8800 yen () for such simple games.

Soon, new genres were invented: ASCII's Chaos Angels, a role-playing-based eroge, inspired Dragon Knight by Elf and Rance by Alice Soft.

It’s not wildly different if you’re coming in spring or autumn – expect temperatures somewhere between 20°C and 25°C.

Evenings are a bit cooler, though, so you might want to bring a light jacket.

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