Error updating primary drop Chat cam cart

This includes views that have an "*" in their SELECT list.

You must drop and re-create those views if you wish them to return the new columns.

In the column-alteration, SET INCREMENT BY integer-constant, specifies the interval between consecutive values of the identity column.

The next value to be generated for the identity column will be determined from the last assigned value with the increment applied.

Cannot bind a rule to a computed column, a sparse column, or to a column of the following data types: text, ntext, image, timestamp, varchar(max), nvarchar(max), varbinary(max), xml, or user-defined data type.

An error occurred while decrypting %S_MSG '%.*ls' that was encrypted by the old master key.

However, a column with a NOT NULL constraint can be added to an existing table if you give a default value; otherwise, an exception is thrown when the ALTER TABLE statement is executed.

Just as in CREATE TABLE, if the column definition includes a primary key constraint, the column cannot contain null values, so the NOT NULL attribute must also be specified (SQLSTATE 42831).

Caution: sys.sql_dependencies shows that other objects (views, procedures and so on) are referencing this object by its old name.

These objects will become invalid, and should be dropped and re-created promptly.

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