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Once she sets her sights on a goal, she pursues it with the focus and fierce dedication of a top athlete. Her mother worked as an elementary-school principal and her father sold used cars.

Indeed Warren honed these qualities when she was an Olympic-caliber synchronized swimmer, before she entered the world of catwalks and cameras. She took up synchronized swimming at the age of five, and when she was only 12 moved to Toronto to train with the Canadian national synchronized swimming team.

When Warren got a call from Unwerth who offered to shoot her for three issues of Italian Vogue, she accepted.

With the Vogue job under her belt, she glided gracefully from one elite arena to another.

However, when her favorite events were cut and she got an incredible modeling opportunity, she walked away from the sport she had built her life around.

Warren had participated in a high school fashion show when she was 16 and was scouted by an agent.

I do it strictly for the exposure and to build relationships with designers that are really good." Her next big break came at age 19 when Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, The Professional) called her to Paris and cast her in a Chanel commercial. Though her new career afforded her the luxury of buying a split-level bungalow near Toronto, which she moved into with her then-boyfriend, domesticity was short-lived. "The more I started feeling comfortable with myself alone in New York, the more I saw my house in Canada as something that was going to stop my progression as a human being," she told GQ magazine last year.

But Warren's rapid rise in film can't be attributed entirely to her alluring looks.To stay in shape, she continued to exercise every day but traded synchronized swimming for biking, hiking and yoga.Her father stopped selling cars to become her manager.Applying the same work ethic to film that she had to synchronized swimming, Warren earned a favorable reputation for herself on set."As a world class swimmer, Estella had developed a great, great discipline.Renny Harlin had been searching for someone to play Sophia Simone in the new racecar film he was directing, but hadn't found the right woman.He was on a plane when he came across the GQ story on Warren and summoned her for an audition.She lived with teammates' families and trained six hours a day. In 1995 she won the bronze medal at the Junior World Championships.The following year at the age of 17, she earned the title of senior national champion and was slated to go to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.Warren's interest in acting was peaked after shooting the Chanel commercial. Almost immediately, she ended up with small roles in two independent films.And just like her introduction to modeling, she didn't have to wait long for a big opportunity to present itself.

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