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Drive west on Mahoning Avenue about one mile to the toilets. Take the Broad Street exit off 33 South and turn left. ________________________________________ Lebanon: Public Places Countryside YMCA, on Deerfield Road. From I-71 take exit 28 and drive north on Route 48. Turn right on Deerfield Roadand the Y is about half a mile down on the left. ________________________________________ Lockington: Public Places Lockington Dam. ________________________________________ Lowell: Public Places Lowell Dam, on Township Road 32. Turn onto County Road 60 off State Route 60 and turn right at the first road, Township Road 32. ________________________________________ Lynchburg: Public Places Middle Park, off 4th Street. There is a Middle, North Lake, and South parks separated by streets. New comments added April, 2008: “The restroom near the basketball courts is cruisy with several messages on the wall.” ________________________________________ Medina: Public Places Soccer fields, at Weymouth and Huffman Roads. From Medina Square take Route 3 north to Huffman Road. Park in the back to access the trails into the woods. I love this place.” New comments added August, 2008: “This place is one dirty place to dump and go. The area is six miles from Pioneer, seven miles from Montpelier. New comments added May, 2008: “This place is run by the police so be careful.” ________________________________________ Yellow Springs: Public Places Adult Toys & Gifts, 1410 Market Street. New comments added April, 2008: “This is one of the only places left where you can get into some serious action in the middle of the afternoon. (This service DOES NOT replace the regular email list.) To sign up for the Feedblitz service, click here. Then south to Mahoning Avenue, about five hundred feet. From Route 23, east of Lewis Center Road, the park is about half a mile east of Old State Road in Delaware County. New comments added July, 2008: “Cruisy toilet with a gloryhole. Pull offs for parking are on the north side of the road. It’s surrounded by woods for some fun without the fear of… ________________________________________ Oak Hill: Public Places Rest area on Route 140. New comments added December, 2007: “The rest area is closed for the winter. Some hottie brake-lighted me and I followed him to a ‘back road’ for some fun.” New comments added June, 2008: “Probably the best gloryhole left in the state. ________________________________________ Perrysburg: Public Places Lake La Su An Wildlife Area. Located in Bridgewater and Northwest townships in the northwest corner of Williams County, on Williams County Road off Route 576. There is a replica train station and woods behind by the creekbed. I am attractive and young so I don’t know if there is a certain part all this goes on at but definitely not where I was tonight.” If you don't want to miss anything posted on the Americans For Truth website, sign up for our "Feedblitz" service that gives you a daily email of every new article that we post. But it still goes on.” Akron Steam and Sauna, 41 South Case Avenue. I like to strip down and show my ass to [describes sex organs].” ________________________________________ Alliance: Public Places Goll Woods, County Road 26. ________________________________________ Athens: Public Places Ohio University, Alden Library. New comments added July, 2008: “I was there one weekday evening and met up with a grad student with a massive [penis]. A college type with a goatee and baseball cap was sitting in a booth with his door open jacking off. It’s mostly a bunch of old guys that wont leave me alone. Keep it cool since the doors have been removed to discourage activity. I’ve been there a couple times but it was only older men.” Xtc Adult Theatre, Brittian Road. They now close at midnight though.” New comments added August, 2008: “Great place. Go west to County Road 26 and then north about three miles. I stopped in after work last week and blew a bearded, heavily inked trucker daddy who invited me back to his cab. One day last week a hunky trucker type — early fifties, salt-and-pepper beard, big uncut meat — signaled me to come into his… New comments added January, 2008: “Stopped by just for the hell of it last week in the middle of the afternoon. New comments added February, 2008: “I’m twenty-seven years old and always have a hard time finding guys my age or a little younger there. New comments added April, 2008: “I’m a hot, twenty-two year old (goatee, tats, muscles, piercings) and resent the implication that guys our age only want to trick with similarly aged dudes. Hope to see it again.” New comments added September, 2008: “I have gotten a lot of action here — be it day or night. New comments added October, 2008: “I haven’t seen much action here in the past few years, and the building always seems to be locked on the weekends.” ________________________________________ Brecksville: Public Places Oak Grove Picnic Area, off Route 21. From Brecksville Road (Route 21), take either Chippewa Road or Valley Parkway. This place has every outward appearance of being really secluded but it’s not!

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Then another guy stuck his [describes anal sodomy]… New comments added August, 2008: “Great sauna with a lot of hard [sex organs].” Downtown Cinema, 44 South Case Avenue. Located two blocks south of East Market Street on Case Avenue, and right across the street from the bathhouse. New comments added November, 2007: “As of mid-October state law has all the bookstores closing at midnight. People still use the stall so if they thought taking the… New comments added April, 2008: “The door is back on now. Though I still had fun with the door off.” Narrows Reserve, at Indian Ripple and Factory Roads. From Beavercreek take Highway 35 east to Veterans Memorial Parkway, which become Fairfield Road. New comments added March, 2008: “The Narrows is a cool park for hiking and dudes, keep [exposing your penises]. They like to hide in the woods with binoculars.” Bowling Green State University, University Hall.

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I’ve been there six times and [received oral sodomy] five times. New comments added November, 2007: “I got [masturbated] once today and [received oral sodomy] about an hour later.” ________________________________________ Kent: Public Places Elder-Beerman, 2050 E. New comments added October, 2008: “Awesome restroom setup with dividers that have big holes all the way through for the toilet seat covers. ________________________________________ Middletown: Public Places Middletown YMCA, Manchester and Central Avenue. I just graduated from SSU and I am still planning on making my rounds on campus.” Old Lock 27, State Route 7. Located approximately two miles east of Proctorville on State Route 7.

Take Dorthy Lane east from Dayton and it will be on the right side next to Sears, and accross from Delco Park. The front of the park has lights but on the other side it’s darker (under the trees). You’ll see a sign for Villages of Miami homes and just after the street you will see the entrance to the park (go slow it’s easy to pass up). ” Shawnee State University, Clark Memorial Library. New comments added June, 2008: “You can go to any of these places on campus and just about anytime during the school year get a hot [act of oral sodomy]. ________________________________________ Springfield: Public Places Steubenville News, 426 Market Street.

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