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Those on other cell providers will need to pay 9 for the unlocked version, and 9 for the version with the 360º camera. It's a great choice for those looking for Samsung/Google/HTC/LG/Apple alternatives, and for Android purists. While the hardware feels quite polished, the software, at times, didn't.During testing, for example, the camera app crashed multiple times (though Essential did push an update the night before publication that apparently addresses the issue).According to Essential, it's the "world's smallest 360º personal camera."After you connect the camera, it immediately launches 360º mode in the camera app.

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Out of the apps on this list, Zoosk is most like Tinder because its 38 million members are mostly younger singles and it has a fun matching system called the Carousel.Founded in 2012, this was the first dating app to offer the swipe matching feature (right for yes and left for no).Today, Tinder creates 26 million matches a day and has been mimicked and referenced in popular shows, like “Master of None,” and movies like “How to Be Single.” But Tinder isn’t the only awesome dating app out there — plenty of other dating apps making their mark on the space are worth giving a try.Unlike the i Phone 7 Plus's dual lens setup, which has one wide and one telephoto (or close-up) lens, Essential's phone has one RGB color and one mono, or black-and-white, lens.The benefit is that the color information comes from the RGB lens, and the detail comes from the mono lens.There are tens of thousands of Android devices currently on the market.Samsung and Huawei are currently the top Android phone makers (with a combined 29.6% of the total smartphone market share worldwide), with China's Oppo and India's Vivo not far behind.And yet Essential, a small hardware company out of Palo Alto, California, thinks that the world needs another Android phone.Rubin is the founder and CEO of Playground Ventures, a startup incubator that provides engineering and design resources (as well as lots of money) to hardware projects — and the company's first venture is Essential, a new consumer electronics brand that, according to Rubin, focuses on consumers and craftsmanship.And Essential is that first company." Every year, Google releases a phone running a clean version of Android, without third-party "skins" and other feature gimmicks loaded by carriers or manufacturers.The latest "pure" Android phone is the Google Pixel, which had amazing software perks (unlimited high-res photo storage! Samsung's Galaxy S8, on the other hand, has beautiful hardware, but is still full of useless Samsung apps (hi, Samsung Pay) that take up space on the phone and crowd your homescreen. We want it to become their product."The black version has a mirrored back that's incredibly shiny and smooth. Speaking of which, there's a fingerprint sensor in the back to unlock your phone.

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