Geek dating 101

We will also explore the kinky side of the nerd herd, you know, the whips, cuffs, BDSM, cosplay, all the fun and interesting stuff that no one wants to talk about; but want to know about...

So head on over to our blog and let the adventures begin! These are values that we pledge to stick by, no matter how you interact with us.

We put them here, for all to see, so we can be held accountable for our actions.

Launching in 2018 is Sxy Geeks online store were you will be able to purchase all you need for your next sexual adventure.

“Open it up at the neck, and lose the tie, which can make a guy look choked up,” says Pask.

We will also be announcing a rewards program so you can receive your products at even greater discounted prices.In episode one of Geeks Love on TLC, geeks participate in a speed dating activity at New York Comiccon.Some people interviewed during the episode expressed various reasons why dating a geek is better.Presenters: Marni Dunning and Brianne Twaddle In this quick and fun presentation, we will demo 25 technology tips, tricks, and tools that can enhance your career here at Gustavus.No need to take notes, we will send you out the door with an interactive handout and if you want to learn more, we will have future sessions specifically on these technologies. In fact, I think I found more geek dating sites while doing research for this post than I did while writing about any of the past Niche 101 articles.Geeks Meet, Geek 2 Geek, Soul Geek, Sweet on Geeks, Nerd Passions, Geek Love, etc., And then there’s Geek is Single, which openly states on the front page that it’s a site, “Where the girls chase the geeks”.The ad could have made it’s point without referring to such stereotypes.The advertiser’s objective might have been to show geeks with low self-esteem that they too could date. You’d have to ask the creators of the service to know, since I couldn’t find that information on the service’s website.Truth is, it’s probably a perk in any relationship to be able to share your passion and life choices with your other half, be it sports, travelling, scuba diving or anything else. You can see their ads in airlines magazines (they target their audiences well) and they generally promise their potential clients that they’ll meet equally driven people, or that their services will adapt to their busy schedule (such as It’s Only Lunch). In the end, it’s not only in romantic relationships that it’s great to have people to share your passions with.But the fact that a dating service specifically aimed at geeks exists seems to suggest that, like busy professionals, they have unique relationship patterns or relational difficulties. Having geek friends is also a great source of joy for me.

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