The scrolls were restored under the Cooperative Program for the Conservation of Japanese Artworks in Overseas Collections, part of the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo.

The program conserves classical Japanese artworks from museums worldwide, utilizing leading conservation studios and employing traditional Japanese restoration techniques.

The skillful draftsmanship, subtle coloring, and expressive faces make these splendid medieval scrolls arresting works of art.

Fourteenth-century Japanese paintings do not commonly survive, a consequence of the fact that they are executed on silk, which is extremely fragile and sensitive to light, and mounted onto several layers of paper or silk lining, which, after centuries of rolling and unrolling, causes the silk support to crease and the painted surface to incur losses.

This was followed by consolidation of the surface paint layers.

The old mending silk was removed and new mending silk was used to repair the paintings from the reverse side.

He created Boss Vintage in 2015, opening a record shop dedicated to providing a vast array of music genres in his space.


The paintings were restored in Tokyo, where the conservation studio Shugo Co., Ltd., carried out the highly specialized work between February 2012 and September 2013.The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven 7621 Troost Ave.Kansas City, MO 64131 (816) 361-9555 New and used vinyl, cassettes, 8 track, reel-to-reel and poster art line the walls at The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven.Above, two of the other buildings in the temple complex.Right, animal figures guarding the roof of one of them.The divinities are bodhisattva attendants to Amida Buddha, who inspired in his followers the hope of eternal life in his Western Paradise.The pair would originally have flanked a painted image of Amida Buddha.Specializing in new and used vinyl, the record store hosts in-store performances on a weekly basis, with such artists as George Thorogood and The Mowgli's.The stores appreciation for Kansas City music is evident through their editorial prowess, covering local shows throughout the city on their website.Below, the Round Altar, or Heavenly Center Stone, is at the center of a series of concentric rings of stone in multiples of nine, where the Emperor’s sacrifice would be made.From the Sprint Center to Arrowhead Stadium, there is no shortage of marquee music venues across Kansas City.

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