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He keeps her on a short leash and tracks her via her cell phone. I guess she did it for the money, and maybe for the sex as he only visits every month or so. Cafe Havana area has freelancers all day and night. Much better to go to AC and call up the mobile Nuru massge service. She get a message from Barnagay and had to attend over there. She had an Ausi BF who buy a property in Manila by the girl's name. Later on the Ausi BF leaved her and claimed the property or money.The poor guy thinking he as a good girl waiting for him. Was there at 9 am and there were two forty plus year olds being very aggressive to guys sitting at seattles best coffeee. Also tried Osaka masage which is behind Wendys next to the I'm hotel in Makati. She showed me the messages from her XBF in fb and list of claims.Was wondering if anyone have had the experiences and do security downstairs make a big hassle / security checks etc.Otherwise hotels would be lesss hassle, just some of the Airbnb gives more of a homely feel haha.Sometimes, even while talking to them at a Manila / Makati bar, I would point out a newbie lamb looking to be slaughtered (image an Italian accent).Sometimes those lambs come to me to be their wing man.I am kind and gentle and let him choose his poison; girl 1 or girl 2? She herself was a working girl & knows what gets best returns from a local mindset.In general the Aunties along with the Pimps help make these females available to older men, so why shoot the messenger. Look no further than the girl friend of the Las Vegas shooter.

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Just out of curiosity, I have seen a lot of talk about staying in Airbnb especially Milan, Gramaercy, Knightsbridge.

Just a short drive away from the Century Mall area, across the bridge is Aqua towers, with larger and nicer units, and I booked one (balcony, fiber 20 mb / s Internet, pool) for a week for sub-/ night. You won't have to register a girl at any of these condos IF they enter with you.

If they arrive on their own, you can have them sent up but they'll need to leave ID.

Do they like LBs more so there are more of them, and fewer female massage girls? She was in her lost time but I felt some chemistry while we were taking our lunch in an eatery place in the mall.

I did Tinder, Badoo etc and met a girl in a serious relationship with an older foreigner. But lucky me suddenly she get off and proposed to cancel going with me to hotel.

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  1. Still, I feel that is important for me to share with men less fortunate than I am what I did learn in those few, dare I say precious, years between the end of my first marriage and the beginning of my second - both to women much sought after.

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