Interracial dating statistics by state

In Cali i was hard pressed to find 1 couple that were NOT of the same race.

I would say california has the most, followed by NJ, then florida then new york then other would cali/ny/nj be near the bottom?

Thus, the success of your marriage will depend on the race of your partner.

It should be remembered that the stats presented in the survey are not absolute and may be subjective in nature, not taking into consideration the fact that whites significantly outnumber other racial groups.

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The research made use of data taken from a 2002 National Survey of Family Growth and analyzed close to 6,000 men and women varying between the ages of 15 years and 44 years who had been married to a person of a separate race, over a period of ten years.For example, the probability of divorce by the 10th year of marriage, in comparison to an all-white couple, changes considerably.In case of an Asian husband and a white wife, the chances of the couple ending up in divorce are 59 percent higher than a regular white couple.The study turned up some interesting observations – Divorce over time There is a 41 percent chance that an interracial marriage will swirl out of control.However, the percentages tend to vary across a certain period of time.I would say california has the most, followed by NJ, then florida then new york then other places. I respectfully think you are mistaking on about 3 cities... I live in Houston and there is a lot more interracial dating than people think.Biracial kids and interracial couples are everywhere, I see this in the mall, movie theater and grocery store.Academics often portray race as a “social construction”, implying that it is nothing more than an idea bred through human thought and interaction.In the process, they deny race to be a material fact of life on earth but the truth is that it does exist and contains a biological element – because we have awarded it one.These facts and figures are furnished not with a view to dissuade you from exploring possibilities of approaching people from other races, just that you’d want to be watchful the next time you log in to renowned dating websites like to find the right companion.Multiple Factors at Work Most studies conducted on interracial marriages conclude that same race marriages tend to last longer.

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