Intimidating and disruptive behaviors

Patient admitted with bleeding and needed an order and consent for a blood transfusion.Physician refused to speak to the patient to obtain the consent and told the nurse that it would be the nurse's fault if the patient dies. Patient had been transferred from the cardiac care unit with stable vital signs.Twenty-seven percent (n = 12) of the events were witnessed by a patient.

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She stated, "How dare I question her" after asking for the information.

Strategies to reduce bullying behaviors include scripting methods to speak up to bullying in an assertive manner, such as D. Bullying, a type of disrespect, is a threat to patient safety because it inhibits teamwork, obstructs communication, and impedes implementation of new practices.

The Workplace Bullying Institute defines bullying* as repeated mistreatment of an intended target in one or more combinations of the following forms: verbal abuse; threatening, humiliating, or intimidating behaviors (including nonverbal); or work interference (e.g., sabotage).

Analysts conducted a review of the literature to identify prevalence and strategies to reduce bullying in healthcare facilities.

Interviews were conducted with executive leaders, clinical practitioners, and nurse educators to identify best practices and resources to reduce bullying and patient harm.

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