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As the plane started descent, the girl had donned a longer shirt almost touching the ankle and a shawl to cover her head.

A few days before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Tehran, the purpose of my travel, the moral police had incarcerated eight models for posing without a head scarf.

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In the 80's, these girls would have been arrested for wearing lipstick, missing socks or even if a strand of hair was visible. Backed by the mullahs, the system was much harsher.I observed the lady as the Filipino barista handed her the cuppa and wondered where she could be from.Gate number 43 was in a dingy basement and I reached just in time to board. Flying over the Arabian sea I remembered reading Sherin Ebadi's Iran Awakening, the story of a woman through different phases of Iran's history.I don't find the moral police or rather they don't find me, but I spotted several shoe stores.In the world of fashion in Iran, it seems, shoes are the most experimented with.In India, in many households women are expected to cover their head when meeting an elder.In states like Haryana, in many villages, a social restriction called 'ghoonghat' continues to be in play, under which the women are to cover not just the head, but at times the entire face.You see this isn't a fashion accessory or a harmless tradition.I see it as a tool meant to subjugate, and I don't like being told what to wear or not.Firm buttocks held in flared jeans, her back caressed by deep black hair, the navel-length flowery shirt dressed the torso and a slender arm stretched out to buy a cup of coffee at the Abu Dhabi airport.Sipping tea, whiling away the time, as I waited to board the flight to Tehran, I started guessing nationalities, a habit you develop if you are frequently in transit.

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