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movie, Ray Arcel (Robert De Niro) combs Roberto Duran's hair back in between rounds.

When Duran (Edgar Ramírez) asks Arcel why he does this, Arcel responds, "Next round starts you come out lookin' fresh.

I think one of the challenging things about any lasting relationship is that you have to be so vulnerable.

I think as human beings we try to hide our flaws and try to present this perfect person, this person we wish we were to our spouse when that causes so many troubles.”“Music is pretty much the core of our household, our relationship. We’ll just come home after rough days or whatever and just literally lie on the floor and go put on a record and just decompress.”.

In 1968 at age 16, Duran made his professional boxing debut. In the film, when Roberto Duran (Edgar Ramírez) meets Ray Arcel (Robert De Niro) he expresses that he doesn't like anyone from America.

Growing up in Panama, the real Roberto Duran harbored hostility towards America, the country that controlled the Canal Zone when the building of the Panama Canal was finished in 1914 (a project America had taken over in 1904). Army cook of Mexican decent from Arizona who had been stationed in the Canal Zone. , on which the movie was based, puts the wedding sometime shortly after Duran's 1980 victory against Leonard, when Felicidad's parents finally approved of him.

Also, in watching the first fight against Sugar Ray Leonard, Ray Arcel never combs Roberto Duran's hair back in between rounds (he only wipes the sweat from Duran's face). He said unbelievable things and I let them get to me." According to Leonard's trainer Angelo Dundee, Duran told Leonard's wife Juanita that he was going to kill her husband. "He couldn't believe that Duran could be so crude in front of his wife.

Arcel nearly died and was laid up in the hospital for 19 days.

The assault was a major influence on his decision to retire from the sport in 1956 and work in the purchasing department of an alloy company. In 1972, Roberto Duran's manager, Carlos Eleta, asked a 72-year-old Arcel to train one of his fighters, Alfonso "Peppermint" Frazer, who was set to fight for the championship of the world.

Following the loss, he amassed 41 consecutive wins and defeated De Jesús in 1978 to claim the WBC lightweight title.

In 1979, Duran relinquished his belts to move up to the welterweight class, and on June 20, 1980, he sought to capture the WBC welterweight title from a then undefeated Sugar Ray Leonard.

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