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She said she’d tell Weinstein: “‘I love you, and I understand that you are sick and suffering, and there is help for a guy like you, too. Eric Schneiderman announced that the state would open a civil rights investigation into The Weinstein Company.

And it’s entirely up to you to get that help.'” Police are currently investigating Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct in London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Banfield replied on air, noting the hypocrisy of the child feminist who attacks other women to bolster her work. PUMP THE BRAKES – THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EACH STORY Men and women are both flawed creatures.

We all know chronic liars, embellishers, and attention seekers in genders of all forms.

We hear you when you said that Agora Valley needs to find a better variety of vendors for next year.

What’s truly amazing is that 45% of attendees are visiting New Hampshire for the Fest, and we already know that the first step to moving is visiting!

Right off the bat, I'll confirm that yes, there were fewer attendees this year - a little over a thousand versus last couple years closer to 1,500.

Thank you to Lane and Kendall Strahan for diving right in as Event Producers while they were still settling into New Hampshire, and to all the volunteer coordinators and volunteers - without you we wouldn't have an event!

And special thanks to Gold sponsor Swarm City for the wifi down on the field.

He thought everything was consensual and was enlightened by her follow up text on what she perceived as the errors of the evening. Feminist leader and celebrated Kentuckian Ashley Judd talked with the BBC about James Franco and reasonably notes the value and complexity of respecting not only women’s voices.

“And I think that we’ve all behaved, at a certain level, unconsciously, and done things that were insensitive, inappropriate, without necessarily understanding that they were.

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