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Her plan succeeds and she finds Piper sprawled across the couch holding her laptop with a cookie in her mouth."Hi," Piper greets wide-eyed and through a mouth full of cookie."We need to talk," Annabeth says and swings the door shut.She lifts Piper's legs, drops down onto the couch and puts Piper's stupidly perfect calves back in her lap."Annabeth, is everything okay? I'm not ready to be a parent." Annabeth groans and lands a playful blow on her friend's shin."Piper, I need you to be serious for a minute." Piper's grin fades at Annabeth's tone and she sits up."What's going on?It's not just she and Percy who have a stake in this, Piper and Jason are in this too and that means another couple's relationship and friendships that have lasted years.

She's stopped by a pair of electric blue eyes and a smirk."You were really tuned out there," he says, slowly pulling his hand from the cup."Sorry, just thinking about things.""About Percy? She and Jason have been honest and upfront with each other since their mutual meltdown finals week of their first semester.

There's something cliche about sitting in a coffee shop staring out the window and watching the sun rise but here she is anyways.

Jason will be here in a few minutes, giving her a little more time to watch the colors reflect off darkened windows across the street.

These once a week early morning meetings started after Annabeth graduated and moved out of their shared apartment.

She and Jason use it as a chance to catch up without Piper pestering them or making jokes about her 'pair of sexy blonds.' Though Piper says they really just use it as a chance to indulge their inner nerd.

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