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In the past it was said that there were for sale certain goods and limited products brought directly by Masaki to the restaurant of his family.

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Kikuchi (27) is almost regular in the solo show “Ninosan” of Ninomiya (34).The number of followers has already exceeded 72,000 for the first tweet.In the first week have the almost 70.000 followers.The restaurant takes a regular way to do business in this era, but try not to cause problems with the agency (entertainment writer).Perhaps the agency was informed in advance of this new account.The important thing is that Johnnys again not take the same actions that had threatened earlier.桂花楼(公式) (@keikarou1986) and the already existing SNS https:// the official page In december 2017, the store closed the twitter account.The owners didn’t say an explanation for this decision. There isn´t more updates about the Keikaru Store but the entertaiment journalist says the decision to close the account is due the Jimusho preassure or maybe for decision of Masaki himself.Nino’s fans bless her marriage and give their permision to Kikuchi to appear on arashi shows.As she is married now seems offers security to the arashi followers.Even if ordinary city restaurants start social networking, never holds such audiency suddenly like this case. Although the agency’s official confirmation on ownership of the restaurant has never been given to the family of Aiba Masaki, it became popularly known among fans.Some fans from Tokyo and other parts of the country include within the itinerary of the concert a visit to this small family restaurant.

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