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Posted January 23, 2018 am | (1 comment) Columbia County, FL – The conversation continued at the Thursday workshop, convened specifically for Sheriff Hunter in his quest to cleave the 911 Combined County Dispatch Center and seal off and hire his own dispatchers.At the beginning of the workshop Chairman Murphy asked for enlightenment. Posted January 21, 2018 pm COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Thursday's Combined 911 Communications Center workshop began with Chairman Murphy introducing the afternoon's topic of discussion and inviting both Sheriff Hunter and 911 Combined Communications Dir. Posted January 21, 2018 pm COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – On Thursday afternoon for 2 hours, the first of what may be many workshops concerning the Columbia County 911 Combined Communications Center and a power grab by Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter to take over the center, occurred.

The purpose of the signs has never been clear, however, two of the signs point to Shands at Lakeshore, the Authority hospital leased to Community Health Systems (CHS), a for profit NYSE listed corporation and one of the nation's leading operators of general acute care hospitals.There was input from the two candidates who will be running against incumbent councilman Eugene Jefferson, as well as a couple of members of the public and the council members.Posted February 26, 2018 am | Public News Service TALLAHASSEE, FL – While teachers and students in Florida debate the state government on gun control, it seems educators may be more involved with the manufacturing of the weapons than many expect.As the meeting got under way, the Sheriff walked back his well know desire to take over everything and said he was just interested in the Sheriff's dispatch.Posted January 18, 2018 am COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter runs the Sheriff's Office, Courthouse Security, the County Jail.Waseem Khan and former Board Chair Koby Adams, Chief of Staff of Rep. Posted January 28, 2018 am Columbia County, FL – Thursday's special meeting of the County 5 kicked off with Chairman Tim Murphy telling the County 5, "It looks like we're gonna' have a long lastin' meeting here.Hopefully we get somethin' accomplished." The first item on the agenda was the discussion and vote to approve a Department of Economic Opportunity Grant to build a rail spur through the forest to the old Inland Port and not one inch farther.Posted January 12, 2017 am | Public News Service TALLAHASSEE, FL – Critics of the Trump administration's decision to exclude Florida from its offshore drilling plan say it has little to do with protecting the state's environment, and more to do with Gov. Posted January 28, 2011 0 pm | 30 day post | Special to the Observer Lucas puts his arm around his best friend Juno, a rescued Belgian Malinoises.A combination of prayer and persistence led Lucas' dad Chester to Juno.Posted February 23, 2018 pm LAKE CITY, FL – Thursday afternoon, after receiving the updated City Manager Position advertisement from HR Director Michele Greene, Mayor Witt called for a special meeting on Monday evening, February 26 at 6 pm to review the latest version of the City Manager Position description and request for applicants.Posted February 23, 2018 am COLUMBIA COUNTY, FL – Make time on a Saturday morning to "Take a Hike with the Doc", that is Colette Jacono, Ph D: botanist, plant ecologist, and defender of the environment.

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  1. Hans Bonte said Es Satty attempted to work at mosques in the city but was refused by community members who reported his arrival to the police. The imam is not believed to have been under surveillance by Spanish security services, despite his apparent extremist connections following a period in prison in 2012.