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Although many kids solve those problems in a non-destructive way, there is a sub-group of kids who still make it their parent’s problem and society’s problem and everybody else’s problem.If you’re dealing with one of these adult children, it will take all the strength and commitment you can muster to force this child to become independent.Along with verbal abuse and cursing, I saw many of you writing about destruction of property and your adult child’s refusal to communicate and respond.This may sound harsh, but I think it’s amazing how people will make excuses for that type of behavior.As a parent, I understand the difficulty, fear and anxiety of sending your child out into the world.But also as a parent, I know that the best personality characteristic that you can give a child is independence. If they’re verbally abusive a second time or destroy property, they’re out of the house for three days or a week. They’ll tell you they’re partying at their friend’s house. All you know is that they can’t stay in your house.I noticed in one of the responses that the parents thought I was telling them to throw their kids out. But I am saying that your kids won’t change until you do something drastic.Making them leave the home is one of those things that may have to be done.

In this case, the easy way out is being oppressive to your parents so that you don’t feel any stress.

If you posted a question after Part One of “Rules, Boundaries and Older Children” last month, or if you are struggling with an adult child, I hope you’ll take the time to read my response to readers here, and that it will help you and your family.

For Readers Whose Adult Children are Verbally Abusing them and Destroying Property The theme that stood out most is the tremendous amount of verbal abuse that adult children are laying on their parents.

One of them was that 'other people' just don't understand our values," said founder Kai Rostcheck in an interview with Tiny House Blog.

"They were having a hard time meeting people who shared their perspective on what's important, so first dates rarely went much further."Like other super-specific dating sites (Farmers Only, Equestrian Cupid), Tiny House Dating is not just about tiny houses, but rather about the values surrounding the lifestyle.

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