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Last March, I found myself huddled around a campfire that Gary “Laz” Cantrell, Race Director of Tennessee’s Barkley Marathons, had made.

Once I could do that, I was kindly welcomed by his friends and benefited in the sense that they became my friends, too.I’m also prepared to have any food left in my house inhaled if Nick comes over after a training run.Although we’re not married, there are a number of common challenges and joys to being in a committed relationship with a trail runner.“One time I was crewing a friend on a 170-mile road run that went 24 hours longer than expected,” she explains.It was her son’s 23 birthday and they had made plans to celebrate. Stacey needs you.’” Often, her sons are happy to be a part of her running escapades, including helping crew her at ultras.If it’s peak week, that number hovers between 75 and 100 miles. Of course, this is all in addition to her full-time job as a researcher at Fred Hutchinson Research Center.“But,” she says, “I still try to keep Sunday for family time.” When asked if Kyle ever resents Deby’s rigorous training schedule, he says no. “And I think our marriage has a very strong team aspect, originating from having common long-term goals and being very compatible.” Across the country in Elkin, North Carolina, elite runners and spouses Jason and Alison Bryant, share a passion for running trails, but usually prefer to train separately.It was his third attempt at Barkley, and his thirteenth 100-miler, but it was my first time crewing for anything, let alone a race as long and grueling as Barkley.Though I wasn’t a trail runner to begin with, both from running a few trail races and by sheer proxy to the trail-running community, I feel like one now; I can talk for hours about FKTs and know the best ways to rid dirty trail shoes of their consistent smell.Before Nick began to train at the professional level, neither of them was sure how to balance Nick’s running with the rest of their lives.But, after moving to Fort Collins shortly after they married, the couple decided to start organizing their schedules so that Nick could run—but still be there for his family, including their two young kids, now ages 3 and 7.

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