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LOCATIVE BYNAMES IN MEDIEVAL RUSSIA Bynames based upon the names of towns, villages, monasteries, castles, and other such proper nouns, and also bynames which are constructed from the names of generic locations OLD FRENCH NAMES These names were used in the areas of France which had been influenced by the Germanic languages unlike the pure Romance language of Langue d'Oc.Many of the names brought to England by the Norman conquest were from this area.HUNGARIAN FEMININE NAMES List of women's names recorded prior to 1600 RULERS FROM MOLDAVIA TILL 1859 Medieval Romanian names list MEDIEVAL LATVIAN GIVEN NAMES Both feminine and masculine names are listed, first by year, then gender, and then alphabetically. 16TH CENTURY SPANISH NAMES Lists of masculine & feminine names and bynames MEDIEVAL SPANISH NAMES Long lists of names from the Monastery of Sahagun ANDALUSIAN NAMES: ARABS IN SPAIN Lists of masculine and feminine given names and bynames from 8th to 12th century Andalusia records. GERMAN GIVEN NAMES 1200-1250 Lists of names found before 1200 and in the period 1200-1250 BASQUE FEMININE NAMES A list of Basque feminine given names and bynames found in various medieval sources 10TH CENTURY FRISIAN MASCULINE NAMES A list of 10th century medieval Frisian names recorded in Latin documents NAMES FROM THE GENIZA OF CAIRO Names of over 200 Jewish women's names from the Middle Ages, preserved in the Geniza documents PERIOD ARABIC NAMES Names lists consist of period (pre-1600 A.MOLDAVIAN NAMES Names from the Royal Lines of Moldavia and Wallachia from c.1351 to 1859 MASCULINE OGHAM NAMES Nominative, Genitive & Old Irish Form of names EARLY PORTUGUESE NAMES The names come from a few of the earliest documents written in Portuguese, which date to around 1200. PORTUGUESE NAMES FROM THE 16TH CENTURY Intensive & complete VISIGOTHIC AND OSTROGOTHIC NAMES (SPAIN) The Visigoths and Ostrogoths were two Gothic or Germanic kingdoms that rose after the sack of Rome in 410 A. D.) Arabic names and name elements, having been selected from names of people who lived during that time.MEDIEVAL NAMES OF SAXON ORIGIN Large list, male & female names MEN'S NAMES IN EARLY MEDIEVAL IRELAND 100 most common masculine given names from the pre-Norman period NAMES OF ANCIENT IRELAND (HIBERNIA) List of male & female names from the Early Medieval Period: 400 - 1200 A. MEDIEVAL ENGLISH SURNAMES A huge list of Medieval surnames RARE MEDIEVAL ENGLISH NAMES Large list, male & female names MEDIEVAL NAMES OF GREEK ORIGIN Some of the early Christian saints were of Greek origin and their names, and those from Greek history and mythology, were sometimes used in Medieval England.

List of male & female names MEDIEVAL TAMIL NAMES A collection of male & female names in the Tamil language from southern India during the Chola period, approximately 850-1300 AD MANX NAMES IN THE EARLY 16TH CENTURY Names used on the Isle of Man in the pre-modern period MANX NAMES A list of given names, masculine and feminine, in the Early 16th Century LEONESE AND CASTILIAN GIVEN NAMES A list of the men's & women's given names of the lords temporal or spiritual in the courts of Leon and Castile from approximately 1050 to 1200 EARLY CROATIAN GIVEN NAMES Masculine & feminine names, Slavic, Christian & foreign.

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