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But my real genius surfaced when I managed to maneuver t-shirt changes prior to gym class in such a way that no patch of skin would ever see daylight.

Imagine the extent of my alarm, then, when I entered King Spa & Sauna, a Korean-inspired bathhouse located just off I-35 on Royal Lane, and found myself face to face with 12 naked women traipsing around a locker room.

So when Dallas police ran a sting operation in March 2012 and arrested Duncanville City Councilman Scott Cannon III for indecent behavior, the management was just as surprised as the customers. It’s not unusual for people to spend an entire weekend lounging in King Spa’s movie theater seating, taking naps between massage appointments and body scrub treatments.Hyun told me that last Easter an entire family visited for three days and hardly left the premises.She expressed shock when I asked her if that was considered an overly long stay. People can enjoy spa treatment and a place to stay overnight for a admission fee,” she said.But commonplace boundaries don’t apply inside King Spa & Sauna, a place where—if you’re willing to leave your reservations behind and immerse yourself in a cultural experience—you can enjoy leaving your comfort zone. And for this I am glad, because I really do need to put the eight King Spa Groupons I just bought to good use.Create your own house interior design: dozens of pieces of furniture, sofas, tables, beds, chairs - you can interact with all of that.After I braved the shower and whirlpools in the nude, a Korean woman, clad only in a plain black bra and underwear, beckoned me to a massage table behind a frosted wall.She proceeded to rub so much dead skin off me that I finally reached my “shine potential,” as the website claims, and felt my skin breathing for the first time in several years.First came shock, followed by curiosity, and then, toward the end of my visit, the unthinkable happened.People from as far away as Houston and Louisiana will drive to visit this bizarre Dallas landmark, where assistant manager Chong Kim will explain that King Spa & Sauna is split into a wet (unclothed) and dry (clothed, unisex) area.He said they once brought his younger brother, a Marine, to the spa, and he was basking in the 103-degree cleansing pool when a naked young boy jumped in with him.The Marine, feeling uncomfortable, quickly scuttled out of the spa area to put his clothes back on.

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  1. The women who appear on this site aren’t always the most attractive women you’ll see in the adult world, but I’m thinking that’s because if you wear, say, an L cup, your face isn’t really what most people are gonna notice anyway.