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Others offer access to trial court dockets and a variety of other information at the trial level.Should a distinction be drawn between civil cases and criminal cases?The project sought public comments on a February 2002 draft policy between mid-February and the end of April 2002.All comments received can be viewed on the project web site.

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Public access to electronic court records provides a convenient way for the public to monitor the judicial system and ensure the fairness and equality of its operations.The SJI-funded project, staffed by NCSC and JMI, has its own project Advisory Committee, but has provided project updates to the Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ) and Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA), Joint Court Management Committee, throughout the life of the project.Some individuals are members of both the project Advisory Committee and the CCJ/COSCA Court Management Committee.Detailed information about the project process, early drafts of the guidelines, all comments received during the public comment period, and related documents are available on the project Web site.A final version of the Guidelines, incorporating edits and changes made during the July conference, will be available as part of a project final report to be released in October on the project Web site During three project advisory committee meetings during 2002, the committee agreed to shift the focus from the product as a seeks to outline the issues that local jurisdiction must address in developing their own rules, and provide sample language developed by the project committee or by other jurisdictions.The project does not aim to provide standard implementation and operating guidelines for state and local courts.In 1998, OJP formed the Global Advisory Committee (GAC) to identify challenges to the formation of justice information sharing networks as well as to define standard requirements for data sharing. GAC includes a working group on Privacy and Data Quality, which focused on issues related to criminal history records, criminal intelligence information, juvenile and civil justice information and privacy issues involving justice sharing information networks.The project developed a draft in July 2002 that was submitted to CCJ and COSCA for their endorsement.Both conferences voted for a resolution endorsing the guidelines and commending them to the states.

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