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Rhino poaching has increased massively in recent years.Deaths will soon be overtaking births leading to one thing: EXTINCTION.Rhino poaching has increased massively in recent years. Deaths will soon be overtaking births leading to one thing: EXTINCTION.As far as I know fingernails don't cure cancer or make you the world's hottest lover, as is believed to be the case about Rhino horn in certain parts of the world (China, Vietnam, Thailand).

Kaley also shared her photo on Instagram supporting Paul's campaign to save the rhinos."She’s been friends with Paul for years, but it’s recently turned romantic,” a source told the magazine."They were longtime friends so there was already something there and they are seeing where it goes.I mean, she’s still twee (she named her child Elsie Otter, for the love of God), but she’s definitely matured a lot.Will a relationship with a mature 46-year-old actor – who presumably has his own life/career/stuff going on – change Kaley’s “extra” persona?So, the closeness of Paul and Kaley leads all to suspect their relationship.Paul and Kaley are friends from a long-time, have they made the way to turn the friendship to love??Kaley has been a supporter of Paul’s work for some time posing up in one of his money-raising tees in April and again last month, around the same time they are rumoured to have started dating.Considering her last relationship involved moving in together after the first date and an engagement after three months, I’m hoping that Kaley has learned (the hard way) to be a little more reticent about love.He’s 46 years old and in some of these photos, he’s giving me Jonny Lee Miller vibes, which I REALLY ENJOY (I’m a huge JLM fan-girl).The show jumper snapped the selfie as his new girlfriend wrapped her arms around him.

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  1. Maybe she deleted the app—or maybe, in a karmic twist that was almost too perfect, I'd just been I thought about how easy it is to pop out of an i Phone and back into the real world, to flicker back and forth from 2D to 3D and back again. I wondered if nowadays, with an endless stream of people to be right-swiped into your life, you would notice the guy on the yearbook staff who drives you to a meeting on a snowy day—or would you be in the passenger seat, swiping through pictures of thirsty dudes you don't even know?