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So you can stay here for the next _____ days, and I'll help you find another place."Then back up what you're saying, point her to the job and housing resources that she needs, and stick to the deadline.You don't need to find the job or the housing FOR her, but you should steer her in the right direction. YET she is being a burden on is also TOO coincidental how she wound up in his place.everything I hear about this woman tells me she is not being truthful with him..if this gal is sooo angry here in the USA, then she can go back home to mother Russia and be just too convenient.A high percentage of them have a University degree.As a result, they don’t have many problems finding a job, and their yearly salary is higher than the average Canadian.you don't know this woman and for all you know she could be a criminal.i would also probably talk to my parents, contact any russian organizations, and or someone at the university in the russian studies department - they might know someone that could help her out. The Russian and Polish young women I have met around this city have their own cliques, supporting each other in times of need.

A few days ago she was slated to move in with a family to work.

There, you helped her out and got her home, or you can give her yours, as small as it should contact the russian embassy and get some help getting home.

she may not have gone through an agency, so she may be in a bit of a mess here.

They make outside friends, but keep the clique close by as a sort of support system.

The OP is literally down the street from the centre of the Russian community in Toronto.

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  1. Can a same-sex couple live together, love each other, come to church holding hands and sit together in the chapel, hold callings and be okay church-wise, as long as they don’t have sex?