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You can win a great prize and an even greater companion in a few short hours! One of Canada’s top speed dating and singles event company, Dashing Date promises to have a dashingly fun night out.

Events include speed-dating, date-working, and their newest service: vis-à-vis.

She gave us the dirt on the art of making a match, why men won’t abandon the trophy-wife dream and why coffee dates absolutely don’t count. But it also covers things like ethics, human behaviour and role-playing—the human aspect.

So what did you learn about the human aspect of being a matchmaker?

I tried to make a match this week and the girl said, “I’m sorry, he has no hair, I can’t go out on a date with this guy.” In her email, she did say she was “going to work on being more open-minded.” But she’s still not going to go on the date? That must be frustrating—the whole preoccupation with finding someone perfect-looking even when we’re not perfect-looking ourselves. But that’s the reason why there are different types and models of matchmaking companies. You don’t want to be stuck in front of the person for too long. Whether you’re over the clubbing scene, not into the virtual world of online courtin,g or about to get carpal tunnel syndrome from constant swiping on Tinder, here are some dating alternatives that can actually be fun. Our lives are busy enough and dating is like a workout, except without the guarantee of tight abs afterwards.Visit their website or call (514) 664-5991 and start cooking!Shopping around for nothing but the best also applies to dating!MTL à Rabais regularly organizes after work events at some of Montreal’s premier bars and restaurants.Free to sign up, the after-work events cost per person and include drinks (usually 1 or 2), hors d’oeuvres, and a DJ to really add to the ambiance.Vis-à-vis caters to Montreal professionals and is a one-on-one brunch, happy hour, or lunch date set up by a personal matchmaker.Dashing Date is also free to sign up and you’ll receive invites to events.You look how to break patterns and how to find a person’s pattern in relationships. Then they come and apply and they have to go through a two-hour interview where we will discuss all of their past long-term relationships… How can we help our clients find someone and get away from the mistakes they’ve been making? that’s usually when they’ll have their a-ha moment and they’ll realize “Oh my god, I’ve been doing this again and again and again.” Then we make a list of the character traits of the person they’d like to meet. You can’t [assume] that the guy will just speak to you on the plane, you have to break the ice before then.

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