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The expression may be 'go Dutch', but it should be 'go Swedish'.

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Perhaps you lose some of the functionality seen in other languages, but the simplicity allows for code to be easily understood by anyone reading it.”“If you have tried to do multithreading code using other languages you might already know how painful is it.

No Swede ever could say no to coffee, cake or a Valentine's date. They're sticklers for rules If you want a bit of spontaneity in your relationship, you have picked the wrong nationality. Your Swedish date will prefer to take the bus or metro (at least in the city traffic hell that is Stockholm). Sweden's a great place for singles Love is great, but it can be a hassle.

Sweden is a country where the buses are on time and your Swedish date expects you to be, too. Subtly impress them instead with understatements, gender equality and by arriving on time. They'll make you eat weird stuff Swedes love being noticed by foreigners. Fed up with trying to decipher the reserved Swedes? It's the best country for being single, with several laws designed to make it easier for people to enjoy life without a partner.

" in another language.* *Ska vi gå hem till mig eller dig? But be careful: the Swedes don't really date and if you stick around for breakfast in the morning (or fika in the afternoon) it means you are pretty much an item.

Get ready to meet your svärföräldrar (in-laws) at their sommarstuga (summer house) next Midsummer's Eve. You can forget the chatting Swedes are not the most talkative people in the world. This places a lot more responsibility on you as the foreigner to make the first move.

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  1. Taking a hipster out of Brooklyn is like taking a fish out of water: at some point they will shrivel away. Make sure those friends have hipster credentials; otherwise it will be a very awkward get together. Play everything by ear and have a contingency plan.

  2. Assuming that the company is able to maintain its competitive advantage in offering apps that people continue to enjoy and use, the company should be well-positioned to grow in market cap and be a more formidable competitor to the larger players in the industry.

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