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She helps women to discard bad habits and attitudes and to take practical steps to get back out there and form loving relationships.Barbara also frequently points out the connection between emotional turmoil and physical health and the importance of being in a relationship that promotes overall well-being.Liberty Kids United is for and kids in nursery-10 years old.honor God in the culture we live in?It's important that we understand the power of living in wisdom when it comes to who we date and how we date.You’ll discover a possibility of being related independent of your past, your expectations, your preferences, or your views—a dimension more powerful than personality or circumstance—a dimension where relationships can become an occasion for creativity, vitality, intimacy, and self-expression.

In The Relationships Seminar, you’ll step beyond what you can strategize or figure out.We'll get together to have interesting discussions that will apply to your daily life.We will meet and discuss different issues that singles have to deal with.The seminars are very woman-friendly, warm, and fun.Barbara has hosted seminars and workshops at The Hyatt in La Jolla, the Del Mar Hilton, Canyon Ranch, Pacific Athletic Club, The Aventine Sporting Club, and more.Get in touch with her today if you’d like to book her for a workshop.Barbara has also hosted informal “Vent” luncheons for women to talk about things that weren’t so perfect in their lives and areas they wished to strengthen.God’s design is for you to flourish in every area of life and that includes healthy relationships.Yet it’s an area of our lives we so easily forget to really invest in.We hope that everyone will spread the word about this meet up.Also, if you have friends, know professionals or even would like to be a speaker, please let me know by emailing [email protected]

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