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The talented actress portrayed Roxana with all of her acting might and shaped body – the moments of Roxana are still fresh in people minds.

Roxana body orientation and nude scenes in the movie made her character a sensation because Roxana was no other than Rosario who showed zillions of acting craze along with her fit and curvaceous body with natural D cups.

When the news of the hot actress relationship with Slumdog Millionaire director Boyle started floating on the media in early 2013, it was obvious that the gorgeous Jessica was mesmerized by warm and mature personality of the world-famous director.

Also, she liked how the director took control and guided everyone including her in the process of creating the psychological thriller Trance.

With diverse roles in her acting resume, Rosario has already proved that she can take on any kind of roles weather that be in independent, mainstream movies or in musicals.

It's obvious why people love Rosario as sexy HIV Positive heroin junkie and nightclub dancer Mimi Marquez from Rent, and also appreciate sweet nerdy zoo's veterinarian Kate from Zookeeper- because she is such a talented actress who will not hesitate to portray every aspects of our society.

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Despite knowing one another since Summer Olympics (2012) and enjoying a perfect Caribbean holiday ( sea diving, topless sun bathing and ferry-rides) with each other in Barbados in early 2013, the couple parted their ways silently probably in March of 2013.So, she has developed a natural way to keep her weights in control, and is now in shape as a natural beauty. It’s a form of violence, in the way that we look at women, how we expect them to look and be - for what sake?“I remember everyone asking when I was doing press for Rent, What did you do to look so thin? Not health, not survival, not enjoyment of life but just you could look pretty.Also, she derived a mixed ethnicity comprising of Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban, Irish and Native American traits because of her Irish American biological father and Puerto Rican and Afro Cuban decent mother.Therefore, the actress may have some black background as well.Precisely, her rich ethnic background makes her a suitable candidate to portray various roles from black to Hispanic.Nevertheless, the American actress, singer and writer got a massive net worth of 16 million US dollars.As of today, Rosario presents her as a rebel against Hollywood slandered of beauty.She now prefers to be a natural beauty than a made up one.Productively, she becomes successful in losing her 2009’s 137 lbs weight to a normal level till 2011.Posed for reputable magazine such as GQ and Shape after the weight loss, Rosario as of today is not so thin like she used to be back in early to mid 2000’s plus her hip is more wide and belly is a little chunky now.

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