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Smith spent four months in a rehab facility in Colorado after a video of him smoking an unknown substance went viral over the summer.Smith has been posting on social media about his "comeback," but just because he's eligible for reinstatement doesn't mean he will be reinstated.He also made headlines earlier this week after a Periscope video surfaced that may have showed Smith smoking an unknown substance.It's great that Smith is finally seeking help, but only time will tell if it's enough to resurrect his career. "There are some teams that need help and may need help going into the playoffs." The former No.Smith has been serving an indefinite suspension following repeated violations of the league's substance abuse policy.The former first-team All-Pro hasn't played an NFL snap in over a year.

Smith is currently serving a year-long substance abuse suspension.Per Rapsheet, Smith is "setting up" a meeting to meet with Roger Goodell or another "high-ranking official." Smith was supposed to have already learned his status, but the league is apparently hedging.Smith would be returning from an indefinite ban for multiple arrests/violations of the league's substance-abuse policy."It was good for me to hear from him personally," said Goodell."When we get to that decision, we’ll certainly announce it." Smith's reinstatement was supposed to be decided weeks ago but Goodell has been dragging his feet.Smith checked into rehab after the video became public, but he is no longer at the clinic.GM Reggie Mc Kenzie said the reinstatement is completely in commissioner Roger Goodell's hands.Smith met with commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss his reinstatement bid earlier this month. The former All-Pro has one year remaining on his contract.Goodell had a face-to-face meeting with Smith on Friday.Smith met with commissioner Roger Goodell in December but his reinstatement bid was deferred for another three months.Now Smith appears to be home-free as long as he can stay clean.

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